Looking for 2 Photographers @RM500 each

It’s very rare I post jobs here, but I’m that desperate.

I’m looking for 2 outsource photographers for my current project. Details as follows.

  • Photoshoot Location: Nilai
  • Date: Wednesday or Thursday next week.
  • Time: Starts 9am, 2-4 hours session
  • Job scope: 1. Photoshoot the facilities (building and machines) for corporate website. 2. Photoshoot the staffs. 3. Photoshoot as and when required. 4. Editing if necessary (within 1 day)
  • Expected Pictures: 200 quality photos
  • Range of Price: roughly RM500 for each photographer
  • Transport: You can hitch hike me from Ampang area or see you at Nilai Toll.
  • Payment: Cash upon delivery of pictures
  • Fussiness: 3.5 stars (out of 5)

If you think you fit the bill, please leave your portfolio url in the comment section. Alternatively, you can sms (I repeat sms me) at 0122 133 155. Student applicants are very much encouraged (as long as it doesn’t interfere with your class).

RM500 for approximately 4 hours, you definitely want that.

ps: I’d really appreciate if you can post this up on your blog as well. I need to confirm by Friday with my client.


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  1. I am in if you don’t have anybody else. And I could bring a friend as well. My portfolio is in my FB albums. (website belum up lagi, tunggu you design. 😉 )

  2. Ah Camus. You sure RM500 isn’t too low for you?

  3. Is that your polite way of turning me down? 🙂

  4. Ah! No bro. I’m sure that D3 is as awesome as the owner. I thought you’re pretty busy these days?

    I’m still waiting for others (yg interested) before we strike a deal 😉

  5. nope.. i pass.. hehe..

  6. aku belum beli dlsr lagi la.
    so pass jugakkkk

  7. Eddie, r u sure u r 3.5 fussy? i think not.. more like a full 5. hehe

  8. My fussy level is 7 of 5. But then again, you can’t expect everything in this world to fall on your lap. So I trimmed myself to 3.5

  9. Wah! RM 500 for each, that enough for a student to take the job. I got dslr but the problem is I don’t have exprience and that dslr just for fun actually (I don’t even know why my family bought it?). Others must realise that you can make money from your gears! See what NoktahHitam offering? You can pay 5 month streamyx bill yea.. or buy huge teddy bear for the peoples you love, isn’t it?

  10. hanya tangkap gambar org kawin tu pun cam siol je hasil.. aku pass :down:

  11. You can always learn. If you want to tag along, why not? I will pay base on your picture quality. The more the merrier 😉

  12. i will let u know..I’m interested..

  13. awesome. Can i take the deal? deal or no deal? hehe~

  14. hmmm.. if banyak orang interested nie.. macam mana you nak select siapa yea? 🙂

  15. NH,boleh tak aku ads kan kat local photography forum?mana la tau ada dari situ yang berminat?

  16. just dont be too hard on them ya. hehe

  17. just dont be too hard on them ya. hehe 😛

  18. jauh la plak..dan ada hal hari tu..

  19. Camus, I’ve shortlisted you.

    See you at 930 am this Wednesday, Plus Nilai exit.

  20. I’ve shortlisted you.

    See you at 930 am this Wednesday, Plus Nilai exit.

    Let me know if you can’t commit.

  21. Thanks bro. See you at the exit 9:30am tomorrow.

  22. Bro,

    Kalau nak test power, ada spare DSLRs. Kau ambik pakai handphone pun gambar dah memang cantik.

  23. how can i contact you? my phone number is 0129242856

  24. Agreed. Angle dah ade, equipment je tade.

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