Long Distance Relationship.. Will It Last?

I’m in one.

The most common question people ask me is when will my wife be back? At the back of my mind, I’ve always wanted to throw back the question to them, does it really matter when she’ll be back? Or do I look unorganized, smelly, messy and hopeless without her? No. It doesn’t matter, people are just concerned or needed a topic to talk to me.

As tough as I can portray myself, I actually have a soft spot. Yes, I do miss my wife. We keep in contact through various channel, most of them are free. I’ve got to say, video call is the best way to let myself loose. The key here is interaction. This can be determined two ways, quality and quantity. Contacting each other every other hour is annoying and clingy, drives down the quality time, whereas long-spaced interval of interaction may end you up losing everything. Balancing these two is an art and unique to everyone.

I love telling bedtime stories to my wife. Although most of the titles are ridiculous like Robot vs Alien, One-Legged Cycler or War Scientiest, she not only digs it, she loves it. She even asks me to put it in a script and send it to some famous producers. In her own words, ‘this will revolutionized the Malay film industry’. Imagine my bedtime becomes a movie.. oh no, that would be too big of an ego for me to handle.

Of course I don’t do stories every time we came into contact, inspiration does not come by often these days. In a way, this is a great avenue for me to get my under utilized right brain going. Also helps to keep my sanity checked.

Being far apart is never easy, you just have to put some muscles into it.


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in the new age of technology, being in a LDR to me is not such a big issue.

there are all sorts of stuff (most of them are online) that you guys can do to keep in touch. so the issue of drifted apart and all that crap that most people dreaded when they’re in LDR (insyaAllah) won’t occur.

but i do admit, nothing beats the physical connection. all i gotta say is just be patient and have an utmost trust on your partner in order to sustain the relationship.

ceewahh… a huge talk from a guy who have been single for the past 4 years. kuikuikui…


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NoktahHitam replied #1

When it hits you on the nose, you’ll know how bad it can be with or without technology.

I pray that you find your better half in the future. Insya Allah

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shandye wrote on October 10, 2012 #1

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