Lompat Si Nabila Lompat

Aeropama and Life4Hire left quite an impression when they commented on my previous posted picture, the headless Uhud Jump.

Gambar nabila huda lompat
(From left, Nabila Huda, Etok, NH and Emok)

Before you shoot me, allow me to ask this, is it wrong to jump at Jabal Uhud? It left me disheartened upon reading this entry.

  • We jumped not because we’re monkeys, but because we’re happy to witness the historical battle field
  • We jumped because we want to try different style of pose
  • We jumped because we want to appear cheerful, when actually it’s torturing hot
  • We jumped because it’s rare to have a clear blue sky

As for Nabila Huda, it’s her fault for exposing her calves, but I believe you’ve seen more. Other than that, what’s wrong? It’s not like we jumped in a mosque or morgue. It was a dessert.

You might think I’m defending Nabila (as well as myself). Oh come on, there’s aplenty of saucy stories out there awaits your stereotypical mindset, like the Najib SMS story. Why sink so low for a cheap scoop?


There you go, a basketful of Malays doing the ‘Jordan’ pose. You were saying…?

ps: Jumping reminds me of Zarir, who taught me triple-jumping, which obviously I could never master.


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haha..daijoubu MK.
bukan nak jd typical…sengaja wat camtu nak test cara olahan blogging. blog tu sekadar eksperimen. dh ditamatkan riwayat dh eheh. ape2 yg sy luah kat situ tak menggambarkan diri sy yg sbnr.

pndgn sbnr sy, amik gmbr gaya lompat mmg kreatif.

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Zaza replied #1

I smell backtracking..

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adi wrote on October 17, 2008 #1

setuju jugak dgn awak syam.. perempuan tak yah la nak lompat2 kat tanah suci.. pasal memang tak sesuai..

bukan nak streotype.. memang tak manis dipandang mata. excited over nothing sangat kot. ❗

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nono wrote on October 17, 2008 #2

i become aware of this kind of ‘jumping-in-the-air’ pic when a lot of my friends put it in their friendster page..

i think it’s cool!! i want want..

so during my trip to Berlin, one of us has those expensive camera thingy (and he’s also a ‘taiko’ in photography)..yay! i have one…haha..

i think u gotta have DSLR for a good ‘floating’ effect..

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NoktahHitam replied #1

I was using DSLR. Sadly still inexperience.

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jipo wrote on October 17, 2008 #3

ni ala2 ‘where the hell is matt’ tapi org Msia & kat satu negara ja (bandar lain2)


tapi bila aku kata diorg tiru Matt,diorg sumpah kata xpenah dgr/tau pon pasal video Matt tuh..

some people dance when happy,some ‘melompat’…hm aku xsure aku buat apa bila happy..mkn kot.

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jipo wrote on October 18, 2008 #4

jumping is nvr an offence,pose with styles,haha.

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youngspirit7 wrote on October 18, 2008 #5

jumping is ok but regarding the place where u ur jumping. thinking about going umrah or haj, wut for if u want to jump. the reason is to pray or beribadah. then after balik jumping la back…seriously, dont play play when doing ibadah but play play la when you ur in play. this the “otai”est word i can use now.

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rodin wrote on October 18, 2008 #6

[…] melompat ini bukan sahaja berlaku di dalam negara. Dari lensa kamera, dipercayai NH turut melompat semasa mengerjakan UMRAH di mekah baru2 ini, malah lebih parah seperti kes mahathir […]

jumping is good for our body. So, jump more than eat and sleep forever. 😕

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reddebt wrote on October 20, 2008 #8

nice pic dude. i also used to jump and shoot too.

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myadlan wrote on October 20, 2008 #9

lompat-lompat . suka-suka. =)

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asx wrote on October 20, 2008 #10

:vangry: walau macamana sekalipun kita tidak boleh melompat lompat macam kera kat tanah suci kerana itu adalah tempat untuk kita membuat ibadah

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NoktahHitam replied #1

Kau ade Nas dan Fatwa nak buktikan tak leh lompat? Kalau ade, sile kemukakan. Atas dasar pendapat, tak boleh. Berdose berdosa besar jika kau pandai2 buat hukum.

Kat Jabal Uhud, mane ade orang smyg. Orang visit je.

Kalau ini bukan jabal uhud tapi kt Sudan, macam mane?

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adkaa wrote on December 25, 2008 #11

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