Lompat Si Nabila Lompat

Aeropama and Life4Hire left quite an impression when they commented on my previous posted picture, the headless Uhud Jump.

Gambar nabila huda lompat
(From left, Nabila Huda, Etok, NH and Emok)

Before you shoot me, allow me to ask this, is it wrong to jump at Jabal Uhud? It left me disheartened upon reading this entry.

  • We jumped not because we’re monkeys, but because we’re happy to witness the historical battle field
  • We jumped because we want to try different style of pose
  • We jumped because we want to appear cheerful, when actually it’s torturing hot
  • We jumped because it’s rare to have a clear blue sky

As for Nabila Huda, it’s her fault for exposing her calves, but I believe you’ve seen more. Other than that, what’s wrong? It’s not like we jumped in a mosque or morgue. It was a dessert.

You might think I’m defending Nabila (as well as myself). Oh come on, there’s aplenty of saucy stories out there awaits your stereotypical mindset, like the Najib SMS story. Why sink so low for a cheap scoop?


There you go, a basketful of Malays doing the ‘Jordan’ pose. You were saying…?

ps: Jumping reminds me of Zarir, who taught me triple-jumping, which obviously I could never master.

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