Living a Hectic Life

Oh gosh, I’m so screwed.

I have my full-time job which requires me to read books I’ve never really understood the fundamentals (finance, corporate governance, business processes etc.) but I enjoyed doing it very much. However, I do think I am a little underpaid for someone who churns out new business ideas that is being translated to millions of dollar, monthly.

Next is the part-time job which requires me to be creative in designs. It was a hobby-cum-business. I enjoyed doing it very much, unfortunately, lack of time and attention stagnant my efforts. Nevertheless, I still do it depending on my availability.

Golf. It’s like a drug. No further explanation needed.

Girl. Yeay, I finally know that my life is heading some where despite the bitterness in previous years. Although it has taken lots of my attention, time and effort, it’s worth pursuing. Where else in my aspect of life I get the opportunity to make myself feel appreciated after all the hard work?

Part-time student. Having to read lots of management books as part of my full time job, I am enrolling myself into a masters programme. Most think Masters is just for brag and prestige, not for me. I want to learn in structured manner not by just picking up little pieces here and there.

Assuming all 5 takes its’ course, I’ll definitely have a hard time coping. My resource is finite (time and money), so I guess I have to selectively dismiss at least one or maybe carry everything in one basket ? Too optimistic but I like 😉

ps: Satanic Icon of NH? Pftt..

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