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LiteTheme - Live Blogger, Free WP Theme You can check it out at

Designed for those who loves to LiveBlog from mobile phone via email to flickr. Also suitable for photoblog or portfolio. There are 6 widgets area. It’s only a matter of drag and drop. Main page, one column style. Single page, 2 columns with sidebar on the left right. Tested and worked with standard WP plugins. 100% CSS and introduced some CSS3 Elements. Can be seen on Firefox (Gecko) and Chrome & Safari (Webkit).

2 days from scratch. Not bad for an old man huh?

Hopefully when weekend arrives, I’ll be able to complete the full blown coding. I’ll probably throw in some jQuery stuff and something I picked up very recently. Let’s just hope it’s not much of a hassle.

As far as I’m concerned, everything is order. Till then, good night!

Interested in using the theme? Subscribe to LiteTheme’s twitter and I’ll keep you posted. Comments are very much welcome.

LiteTheme - Live Blogger, Free WP Theme

Mirror download.

  1. There are 6 Widget ready area. 1 for advertisement, 1 for right bar, 4 for the bottom row.
  2. Automatically extracts the first image from your post. No need to manually update excerpt.
  3. Very light. Minus the unused graphic, it should stand below 80kb.
  4. Specifically designed for Live Bloggers who uses Flickr to update their blog.


Version 1.0

  1. Completed. Looking forward to add some javascript to spice up the theme
  2. IE 7, Firefox 3, Chrome and Safari compatible (thankfully doesn’t require me to pull my hair out!)
  3. Needs Option Page. Will explore a little more on that soon.

ps: As part of my ongoing effort to kill IE 6, I will NOT waste my time to troubleshoot the lazy outdated browser. Come on guys, it’s time to upgrade.


I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

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  1. cooool… nanti boleh sedut ni..

  2. congrats! really cool!

    theme ini memang sesuai untuk photoblog. malah kemas dan cun!

    antara sebab aku putus asa adalah buang masa kat troubleshooting cross browser.

    lepas ni boleh lah aku join sekaki 😉

  3. very nice theme NH. Good job!

  4. i looked at the theme again. and this time, it feels like Facebook. anyway, it’s cool!

  5. great theme……love it……

  6. Just because it’s blue, doesn’t mean it’s like facebook. It’s actually far from it.

  7. waahhhh… bila la aku leh buat theme mcm ko buat eh? teratur dan menarik sekali layout. dan antara yg penting valid coding dan simple.. huhu

  8. Way to go Litetheme!

    Tunggu theme lain pulak lepas ni dari geng2 Litetheme yang lain(abdus?).

  9. bro.. jangan lupe.. aku jugak nak test nanti. ok.

  10. Teringin gak aku nak”membirukan” laman rumah aku. Boleh try.

  11. good stuff, segar dari ladang..hehe

  12. does this theme got any issues on ie6 ?

  13. Most definitely, but I dont care about IE6 anymore. Let’s not waste our precious time to troubleshoot.

  14. haha. dah agak dah. mesti nama aku naik ni.
    hmm. buat masa ni busy, dah ade few project, but still xde progress.

    rasenye, i’ll follow NH’s move, a CSS based live-blogging theme, just to juice up the list. 🙂

  15. Bro, I think it’s best if you do a free portfolio webbie. Release for free from LiteTheme. The next month, I will be finalizing LiteTheme’s design and wordings. Hopefully by then we have 4 themes, 2 free, 2 premium ones and many twitter followers 😉

  16. Great job dude.

    Honestly, no words can describe how proud I am of you, as a friend, and a fellow Malaysian, to have a man I know really well coming up with something cool as this.

    Keep up.

  17. cantik theme ni.
    simple n suci hehe.
    teringin gak nak cuba try test

  18. erk..kena nama aku bertukar kpd Mind dalam komen kat atas ni?

  19. wahh theme baruu,nak create 1 blog khas utk liveblog ar nnt 😀

  20. adoi. rapidshare ka? celcom broadband tak support la bro. huhu.

  21. eddie… timer kasih weh.. huhuhu.. nak try yeay… erk.. kalau aku ubah warna tak pe ke???

  22. You and your singing praises, always make me blush in anxiety 😀

    Having you as a friend is more than enough to be proud of. And I really mean it bro!

  23. Dah buat mirror dah. Sila download kalau ade kesempatan.

  24. Ko nak ubah jadi tempat penternakan kambing pon aku tak kesah. Anyway bro, ade problem eh? Cite skit ape prob die. Meh aku try godek.

    Yg demo site tu pakai flickr je semua. Aku rase bole je.. kot?

  25. Hahaha.. jangan buang karan bro! 😀

  26. kewl lah..!! ni boleh dicuba ni.. hehe..

  27. dah try guna dah.. tapi bila di letakkan iklan.. nampak cam pelik plak.. any idea..??

  28. Aaaahhhh…saja nak buat aku blush haha.

  29. Salam… cool theme dude. TQ

  30. mantap la bro… mmg dari dulu suka ngan layout theme bro… siap download dan guna di blog skrg.. clean layout…. pastu mula la gatal tgn make-up sana sini ckit2… huhu… pasal rapid, hehe… fail tu kecik jer kan, rasanyer xde masalah… kalo ada masalah, guna jer leeching site… huhu…

    pape pun, caya la sama lu bro… bila nak wat premium theme..? kalo ada, confirm beli nyer…. kualiti anak tempatan mmg superb…

  31. cool. Tak sabar aku nak buat live blog!

  32. sedut dulu…
    tgk best or tak…
    trimas bro!!

  33. nice job bro, thanks for sharing. may i use for photoblog? cause i dont like live blog. 🙂

  34. ok. sedang mendownload..

  35. aku dah bosan ngan theme aku sekarang
    x sabar nak tunggu theme premium ko. hehe 🙂

  36. Premium theme? Tak yahlah. Utk org2 msia (and/or blogger aku kenal) aku bagi free je. Cume nak preference je kalau ade. e.g. Minimalist? Lite & Easy? Cute? Girly? Kalau ko cite mcm mane ko nak, selambe je aku buat 😉

  37. just for asking, what the great resolutions for image?

  38. The size you mean? width = 500px. Height.. go as far as you want, but it will automatically cut. Hope that helps.

  39. salam..

    Terima kasih bro untuk theme ni,akhirnya jumpa juga untuk live blog

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