Let’s Help Web Communities!


Few years ago (long before I became a web developer), I was so frustrated with the Malaysian Web. It was ugly, hideous and non-informative. It’s still ugly, hideous and non-informative.

Let’s look at a Major Player. When was this web updated?

I expect for them to be better. As the leader and only company on Forbes 500 from Malaysia, slow, delayed and ill-informed, is this the kind of image they way to portray?

Anyway, over the weekend, I was pretty bored. So I emailed a few bloggers to help them with their design (I know these bloggers use plug and play templates). Nothing wrong using a template, it just need some minor customization.

Out of all the emails I sent, 1 replied. She is a sweet girl and the author of Merdurian, called Vickie. She agreed to let me design an icon for her. I did a durian with some animation. Hope she likes it. (Took me 2 hours, told you I got nothing to do).

Anyway, for those who need help their icon, drop a comment or email me. But do me a favor, be sure you know how to change them. There’s a lot of information on that so read on.

PS: Vickie, a ‘venti latte’ would be fine (for the designing fees!) LoL.

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