Legally Blonde – Malaysian Style

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I have left the dating scene for quite a while until few months ago, I start dating at random. (Lets not forget, I want to marry a doctor.) Among these people, I came across what we call it, blonde. So here’s a few line that made my day (the very least) 😉

girl: what do you mean by WTF?
eddie: it means what the f*ck.
girl: I thought you wanted to sleep with me (as in WANT to f*ck)
eddie: WTF?

girl: my dad bought a new auto-mobile.
eddie: what is it?
girl: it’s called HP.
eddie: that’s a mobile, mobile phone.
girl: ohh.. my dad told me it’s a mobile, I simply added ‘auto’ to make it sound good.

girl: I have a problem with my operating system, can you come and help
eddie: what are you running on?
girl: firefox.

eddie: what do you want to be when you graduate?
girl: a waiter
eddie: good luck! (i think she meant air hostess)

girl: awak sekolah kt mane?
bagak: Kuala Kangsar
girl: mesti best sekolah kat Perlis.

girl: what are you doing?
eddie: watching dr house on YouTube
girl: Oh! I’m in front of my tv, what channel is it?

eddie: you need to unzip to see the image
girl: you are one sick pervert
eddie: err.. winzip or winrar?
girl: Owh!

and my personal favorite

girl: help eddie, I can’t start my car and I’m late for class
eddie: I think your battery is stalled
girl: can I use AA battery?
eddie: sure. You might want to ask your dad or brother to help.
girl: changing the battery? I can do it myself.
— a few minutes later, she called back—
girl: I got the battery now where do I put it? I can’t find the flip-flip thingy like the one behind my remote control.

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