Lagi Kes Tembak @ Shah Alam

Ni ape gile polis kat Malaysia ni? Main suke hati je tembak.

Imagine if the police failed to hit the target, who’ll be the casualty? Ok, fine. It hits you and you’re not dead. But who’ll pay for the medical expenses? Yeah, no other than yourself.

I guess this is what happens if you give monkeys a gun. They should be given bananas instead.

Now the painful conclusion, is Shah Alam a safe place to settle?

  1. Kugan – Died in lock up
  2. Altantuya – C4-ed at Bukit Jelutong
  3. AminulRasyid – Shot dead at Section 11
  4. Sharil Azlan – Shot at Section 11

Think about it.

ps: Internal joke – lower your head when you see a police officer, they might shoot you for no obvious reason.

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