Kes Pecah Rumah & Samun

The other day AR shared her scary nightmare. She dreamed that there’s a break in her area. The next day, her dad called and told her to be careful. Apparently her dad was informed that there’s a break in around their area.

Tonight, as I got back home from rugby, I was told there was a burglary that took place 10 minutes before I reached home and it happened right in front of my house! I guess AR’s nightmare was pretty much like a warning.

Anyway, I sat down with mom and discussed what to do if she ever encountered such incident. From my criminal mind and all the Hollywood stints I’ve watched, I came up with this.

  1. Never fight back. It’s not worth risking your life/ health over a few hundred or maybe thousand ringgit.
  2. Don’t use weapon to fight. They might get yours and knock you with it.
  3. Check your surroundings. It’s part of a ninja training, but it applies when you want to get out of the car to open the gate.
  4. Stay in the car. No matter what, stay in the car. And make sure it’s locked.
  5. Run them over. If they block the road, make sure you floor the pedal!
  6. Inform the police immediately. I don’t think this is hard to do.
  7. Don’t negotiate. They want to do it as quiet, quick and clean as possible. So if you try to say anything, they’ll probably knock you.
  8. Finally, again, never fight back. Give whatever they want.

If I ever get into this situation, I’ll probably try to catch them, tie them to the neighborhood sign board, naked. But I doubt I have the required skills nor physical to fight back. I’ll probably toss them all my wallet content and say,

“Nah… pergi main jauh jauh!”

ps: Just be careful!

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