Kelantan Lawan Negeri Sembilan Bola (ke Bertumbuk)?

I know there was gonna be football, Piala Malaysia Final but I didn’t bother. Not because I’m ignorant or prefer European leagues over local flavor, but because football is a game to play, not watch (unless you are not talented enough, that, I can comprehend). Seriously, I don’t really like watching football.

Having said that, I do follow people from Twitter about the game’s progression. It was mainly a live commentary from Abdus.

Although I do favor Kelantan over Negeri Sembilan, there are things that disgust me. Kelantan fans were throwing fireworks (edited: so was Negeri Sembilan)!

Kelantan fans also decided to take the BBQ party indoors. Darn. (from Blowie)

Soon after match was over, they took the finals onto the streets. Again people, it’s JUST football. (By they, I mean both teams).

Even before the match, Kelantan fans were aggressive.  They broke the Gate at Bukit Jalil. (from Yusni Arifin)

I know, they spent hours driving/flying down to KL, get stuck in traffic jams and queued for hours to get a piece of action. In the end, their team failed to shine. I would burn in anger too. But this is no way to face defeat! Take it like a man. Train a little harder and come back next year.

* * * Edited * * *

What happens if they burn down the stadium? Thousands will die. Not to mention those flare thrown,.. Kalau terbakar orang mcm mane?

This isn’t the first time it happened. They even lid fireworks at their own stadium! Ini kerja gile!

To all Kelantan’s aggressive fans, LOSER SIAL.

ps: I personally think these people were never involved in any competitive sports. If they were, they’d be just like the rest of us. Go home and sulk till you fall asleep.

pss: All goals were awesome (except for penalty of course)

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