Kau Dah Kurus

“Why is it when I see you every time, you look thinner? Are you on drugs or makan hati?“, a friend asked me.

“Still far from berkotak-kotak“. I replied, bringing my ego down to earth.

HAHAHAHHAHAA“. She laughed.

“Did I say something wrong?” I questioned her uncalled-for laugh with a smirk.

“How can a human be bersegi-segi?”

I guess she never knew the loosely Malay translation of six eight packs. Oh well. I may look skinny, but I am slightly above my ideal BMI at 24.5. Tips: eat rice once every other day (2 days, 1 rice serving).

Baring Lagi

Photo of the day, “Kangkang!~”.

ps: Jenny in sick bay. Hope she doesn’t sound like a washing machine or vibrate violantly like before. I’m forking a month salary this. Grr

Berkotak-kotak : Box shaped
Bersegi-segi : Edgy shape.

pss: Is that a thinning or bald patch on my head? I hope it’s the swirl

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