Kakiis.com – Bad Advertisement

Like my usual routine. Log in to Negaraku.net! and moderate it’s content. Saving parents from answering the what-is-minyak-lintah from their toddlers. Yes, Negaraku! is U rated, thanks to yours truly.

Bad Advertisement

Until I came across Kakiis.com advertisement.

I don’t know about you, but I see something terribly wrong with the banner. Allow me to demonstrate.


“You’ll fit in easily” That sounds pretty much like a condom advertisement. Notice the Two human like “connected” or rather “entangled”? It spells intimacy more than Tetris block. The rest of the text seconds the idea.

A bit of wand waving, whipped cream and chocolate rice, we get the following

Bad Advertisement

I am a pervert, tell me something new.

ps: To all designers, THINK/SKETCH before you design!

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