Just Perfect

Just Perfect

once in a while, personal post doesn’t hurt, does it?

I made a new spectacle! They fit really good ❗

[flash http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JCPeQv6RmY]

ps: Initially, I wanted something cheap, RM200-300, but ended up doubling my budget

pss: This is my 7th spec, I lost all my previous ones. Careless!

psss: Cuci mate jom~

pssss: Damn, my blog is going haywire


I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

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  1. u cud sing uhh???….wonder..wonder…i never knew dat (‘as if ive eva known u b4?’hah!)…english of ‘england’ style uh..i like ‘american’ better…nway..u sound good.. :up: …any upcoming album??n..ermm..nice spectacle!

  2. album? HAH!

    well if you want a blogger who can really sing, ask cibol

    The accent game again. I like Indian accent, makes your tongue roll~ :up:

  3. indian accent???woohoo…ive been wondering too bout all those tongue roling and stuff..nway,they’re cool!english plus indian accent=engdian…huhu…but chinese plus english are nice to be heard too…

  4. I made it on YouTube! Finally a cover song 😛

  5. Hey, cool glasses and ooooo, nice cover too!

    waniee’s last blog post..omg

  6. oooo spidey u make my heart go shalala 😛

    waniee’s last blog post..omg

  7. already put that on my next post :kiss:

  8. nice specs! it’s ok, splurge on yourself once in a while. 🙂

  9. haywire dude haywire!! ehem, hensom lah with this new spec. haha!

  10. You lost all your specs before? Really careless!! 😮

    Err you should get married! 😎

  11. Haha 7th spec eh??? I lost count of how many specs I had .. I didn’t lose them though, broke or the degree tak ngam dah hehhe.. same goes with the budget though haha 😆

    melbie’s last blog post..A Revelation By Sufiah Yusof

  12. eddie…apsal gua x penah tgk lu berkaca mata?..

    eh, azeezah station dh tukar nama, tp gua xsure dh tukar boss ke x..(haha..x kena ngena dgn entri ni..)

  13. aku slalu hilang cermin mate. satu cermin mate tahan 6 bulan,pastu hilang.

  14. ko mkn ke spek tu?

  15. Most of the time I misplaced 😕

  16. saya pun baru je buat post pasal spectacles…(3-4 entri sebelum ni..musim agaknya… 🙂

    aishah’s last blog post..I am back!

  17. my picture? Hahaha. I rather be anonymous, but most of the people reading this blog knows who I am 🙄

    Its a life between reality and digital format, the push and pull ❗

  18. mungkinlah…

    tetibe je kedai2 spec kaye :kiss:

  19. ada gak org yg dh xnk pakai spek dh…

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