Just Perfect

Just Perfect

once in a while, personal post doesn’t hurt, does it?

I made a new spectacle! They fit really good ❗

[flash http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JCPeQv6RmY]

ps: Initially, I wanted something cheap, RM200-300, but ended up doubling my budget

pss: This is my 7th spec, I lost all my previous ones. Careless!

psss: Cuci mate jom~

pssss: Damn, my blog is going haywire

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21 thoughts on “Just Perfect”

  1. u cud sing uhh???….wonder..wonder…i never knew dat (‘as if ive eva known u b4?’hah!)…english of ‘england’ style uh..i like ‘american’ better…nway..u sound good.. :up: …any upcoming album??n..ermm..nice spectacle!

  2. indian accent???woohoo…ive been wondering too bout all those tongue roling and stuff..nway,they’re cool!english plus indian accent=engdian…huhu…but chinese plus english are nice to be heard too…

  3. You lost all your specs before? Really careless!! 😮

    Err you should get married! 😎

  4. eddie…apsal gua x penah tgk lu berkaca mata?..

    eh, azeezah station dh tukar nama, tp gua xsure dh tukar boss ke x..(haha..x kena ngena dgn entri ni..)

  5. my picture? Hahaha. I rather be anonymous, but most of the people reading this blog knows who I am 🙄

    Its a life between reality and digital format, the push and pull ❗

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