Jakarta Bombing

Mom just got back from work. As she sits down, I came running to her, complaining about our 3 phase system has gone down to 1 phase. 2/3 of the house is out of juice. No electricity.

Hot days like these, we need something to cool us down.

Mom: Do you remember you sent dad to LCCT yesterday?
NH: Of course I do.
Mom: Do you know where he went?
NH: Yes, Jakarta, he told me.

By now I was wondering, why would mom ask obvious questions?

Mom: Do you know what happened in Jakarta?
NH: Yeah, some terrorist bombed JW Marriott. OH SHIT!

Now I see the connection! Dad is in Jakarta for his golf tourney. Thankfully, dad is safe. He stays at Meridian Hotel. Let’s pray it stays that way, Amin!


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  1. πŸ™„

  2. OMG πŸ™„ ..hopefully everything is fine to ur dad till he come back again bro!amin..

  3. god bless ur father ..

  4. We all hope so too, NH…

  5. another bombing… dem.. nak g jejalan pun tak selamat dah…

  6. Ya Allah…moga selamat hendaknya…
    πŸ™„ πŸ™„

  7. oh gosh. i wonder why they couldn’t find a better way than bombing 😑

  8. semoga ayah eddie slamat iAllah..

  9. Aku dengan ini menyertai perutusan selamat,semoga Pak M selamat, dijauhi dari perkaraΒ² buruk dan selamat pulang ke pangkuan famili.

  10. will be praying for his safety

  11. Oh thank goodness your dad is fine. 😯
    A lot of bombings are occurring lately around Southeast Asia. Oh man, when will the terrorists ever stop? πŸ˜₯

  12. tsk tsk tsk πŸ™‚ tak ingat…

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