Jakarta Bombing

Mom just got back from work. As she sits down, I came running to her, complaining about our 3 phase system has gone down to 1 phase. 2/3 of the house is out of juice. No electricity.

Hot days like these, we need something to cool us down.

Mom: Do you remember you sent dad to LCCT yesterday?
NH: Of course I do.
Mom: Do you know where he went?
NH: Yes, Jakarta, he told me.

By now I was wondering, why would mom ask obvious questions?

Mom: Do you know what happened in Jakarta?
NH: Yeah, some terrorist bombed JW Marriott. OH SHIT!

Now I see the connection! Dad is in Jakarta for his golf tourney. Thankfully, dad is safe. He stays at Meridian Hotel. Let’s pray it stays that way, Amin!

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