I’ve Been Tagged, 8 Mischievous Facts about NoktahHitam

I read somewhere, I’ve been tagged. I don’t usually play tag games, I am the anti-social type. Anyway, here goes.

  1. I don’t snore when I sleep 😀
  2. I don’t read books, magazines or newspapers, I just read 😈
  3. I love raw food, they’re the best! :mrgreen:
  4. I don’t watch TV. I hate advertisements 😕
  5. I don’t know how to handle compliments 😐
  6. I was beaten by a girl in a Kick Boxing match 😮
  7. I secretly think I’m the fastest runner everywhere I go 😳
  8. I lost RM10k in a street race 😡

Here’s a question for my readers,



I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

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  1. Who tagged you? Usually youll need to include their blog too (not sure, i dont really follow m’sian blogsphere much).


    *anyway, why does my comment seconds ago marked as ‘anynomous’ without any comment posted? Now i have to Ctrl C before posting any new one.

    Fuqaha’s last blog post..Some new sites

  2. Well, thats the thing, I read somewhere dalam blogsphere. I left my PC, 7 hours later I’m back and wrote the 8 facts thingy.

    I am supposed to tag 8 more people, but I dont really want to trouble them.

  3. I got your RSS, anything will be ok 😉

  4. saya suka jenguk blog nih! satu hari satu post adalah sangat sesuai. i know u have much to share! 😛

    aishah’s last blog post..It’s me!

  5. its kinda true on the fact that he doesnt know how to handle compliments.. in the end he will irritates that person! =p

    In Za’s last blog post..Shocking facts

  6. LoL! sorry for the trouble In ➡

  7. hehe.. biarkan kisah lame berlalu je eh 😳

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