It Wasn’t Your Fault Chelsea Lost, Terry


Please don’t rub your victory on my face πŸ˜₯ πŸ™„

It was the closure of Champions League between 2 English giants, Chelsea vs Man Utd. I watched it with David at Steven’s Corner. 65% were Man Utd fans, 30% anti-Man Utd and 5% Chelsea. I’m pretty sure we’d be beaten to pulp if Chelsea won.

Man Utd was obviously the better team in the first half. Ronaldo unmarked, Hargreaves playing loosely, Schole’s lateral passing and tight ass Vidic, spoiled Chelsea’s routine. Unfortunately for them, Lampard proves Chelsea are no pushovers. 1-1, the half ended.

I was pretty much at the edge of my seat in the second half. Chelsea bombarded Man Utd heavily but failed to convert opportunities laid for them. It was upsetting, intense and provoking. For once, I saw the three-man partnership took place, Makelele-Ballack-Lampard.

The match dragged to extra-time then to penalty shootout. I hate penalty. It’s like watching a horror movie, creepy background music and the anticipation for the ghost to splat all over the screen. But somehow, I managed to fix my eyeballs on the screen.

Man Utd won, they deserved it, hands down.

I despise Mourinho’s style. Avram’s strategy today, captivated me. It was filled with creative plays, quick passes, through balls and effortless team work. That’s my definition of football. And all that is left for Chelsea is to polish their finishing, and they’d be unstoppable.

All in all, Makelele was the best player on the pitch for me. Without his quick close-down and his I’ll-watch-your-back plays, Chelsea wouldn’t have danced like they did. It was a beautiful final. Worth my insomnian night πŸ˜€

Till then, see you next year, without Christiano Ronaldo ➑

ps: Man Utd fans, watch your words ❗


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  1. ala doc, jgn segan silu. Teddy & Catzer pon tak minat bola πŸ˜›

  2. Jambang die mcm kertas las gred 001 😯

  3. har…really?? 😳 sorrie…was if after u decided to stop blogging? u did want to stop blogging, right? glad to know that u’re back!! ekeekke

    Lynnwei’s last blog post..εΏ˜δΈδΊ†

  4. elo elo
    aku minat bola ok~
    used to support MU…….
    tp now xtau mana yg best dah
    plus xde ms nak nonton
    i dun ave tv in my room,huhu

  5. oh! aku lupe. ko olahrage dulu πŸ™‚

    takpe doctor, nanti ko dah keje, ko beli tv mahal2. confirm ko akan tgk. sbb kalau ko tak tgk, ko rase membazir πŸ˜›

  6. itu yang mahal tu πŸ˜›

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