iPhone by Maxis, Is It Feasible? 10 Reasons.

Before you brand me an Apple hater, let me assure you, I am a geek myself.


The constant remedy, should I get an iPhone from Maxis?

These are my 10 reasons.

1. RM 1,900. That’s heavy price tag. I could easily fetch a better phone with MMS, Video call and good camera. Besides, it’s recession, I’m keeping my last penny.*Assuming RM100 per month for 12 months.

2. Bound by contract. I never liked the idea of ‘contract’ although it is very unlikely I switch to another service provider.

3. Everyone has/needs one. Here’s the thing, the whole Malaysia is so hype about iPhone. Kinda like mainstream music. I don’t listen to what everyone is tuned to.

4. iTune Malaysia sucks. I had a iPod once, but I sold it because it needed iTunes to ‘sync’ (or transfer). Sometimes, I ended up losing all my mp3s. Lucky me, I have backups. Given it’s bad record, I won’t think twice to use iTunes. And certainly, iTunes Malaysia isn’t one of it’s selling point.

5. I only call and sms. For web, I bank on my trusty Coco (my lappie). For music, I stick to my car audio or MP3 player. So, why is iPhone a steal?

6. Bad battery life. I’ve been told, iPhone lasts 2 days just like other PDA phones. It’s a nuisance to me if I had to charge it every other day. My current phone last 5 days and it’s 4 years old.

7. Warranty, what warranty? There is no Authorized service center in Malaysia (not that I know) for iPhone. If you break it, bid your farewells.

8. Old technology. iPhone 2nd Generation was released in summer 2008. In human years, it’s equivalent to 10 years. I can’t possibly be stupid enough to buy an old technology at a prime price.

9. RM100 per month? As busy as I am, I’ve never been billed more than RM100 per month. All my calls are short, email for black and white purposes and I certainly don’t do cord-twisting-jiwang-calls.

10. Cool factors. I don’t see iPhone as something cool. I see it as a product mass made in China coupled with thousands-man-hours. Besides, I know I’m cool, I don’t need an iPhone top my ego.

That pretty much sums it.

I don’t need to be a user to know what I’ll be missing. It’s just a luxury item that I don’t need.

ps: No new phone, unless this W800 breaks down.

pss: Mobile phone is a nuisance to me. I hate worrying about it, what more pickup calls from an unknown number.

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