iPhone by Maxis, Is It Feasible? 10 Reasons.

Before you brand me an Apple hater, let me assure you, I am a geek myself.


The constant remedy, should I get an iPhone from Maxis?

These are my 10 reasons.

1. RM 1,900. That’s heavy price tag. I could easily fetch a better phone with MMS, Video call and good camera. Besides, it’s recession, I’m keeping my last penny.*Assuming RM100 per month for 12 months.

2. Bound by contract. I never liked the idea of ‘contract’ although it is very unlikely I switch to another service provider.

3. Everyone has/needs one. Here’s the thing, the whole Malaysia is so hype about iPhone. Kinda like mainstream music. I don’t listen to what everyone is tuned to.

4. iTune Malaysia sucks. I had a iPod once, but I sold it because it needed iTunes to ‘sync’ (or transfer). Sometimes, I ended up losing all my mp3s. Lucky me, I have backups. Given it’s bad record, I won’t think twice to use iTunes. And certainly, iTunes Malaysia isn’t one of it’s selling point.

5. I only call and sms. For web, I bank on my trusty Coco (my lappie). For music, I stick to my car audio or MP3 player. So, why is iPhone a steal?

6. Bad battery life. I’ve been told, iPhone lasts 2 days just like other PDA phones. It’s a nuisance to me if I had to charge it every other day. My current phone last 5 days and it’s 4 years old.

7. Warranty, what warranty? There is no Authorized service center in Malaysia (not that I know) for iPhone. If you break it, bid your farewells.

8. Old technology. iPhone 2nd Generation was released in summer 2008. In human years, it’s equivalent to 10 years. I can’t possibly be stupid enough to buy an old technology at a prime price.

9. RM100 per month? As busy as I am, I’ve never been billed more than RM100 per month. All my calls are short, email for black and white purposes and I certainly don’t do cord-twisting-jiwang-calls.

10. Cool factors. I don’t see iPhone as something cool. I see it as a product mass made in China coupled with thousands-man-hours. Besides, I know I’m cool, I don’t need an iPhone top my ego.

That pretty much sums it.

I don’t need to be a user to know what I’ll be missing. It’s just a luxury item that I don’t need.

ps: No new phone, unless this W800 breaks down.

pss: Mobile phone is a nuisance to me. I hate worrying about it, what more pickup calls from an unknown number.


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  1. i dont know eddie, but it really works for me.

    i cant imagine my life without it now you know 🙂

  2. Well laila, yours’ was gift. Everything free should be good 🙂

  3. The top 2 reasons that make me avoid it was the bound contract and the lack of MMS. 2 MP camera was not the problem since I own a Digital camera.

  4. yup. agree with your points. you should add the lack of MMS service, which Malaysian can’t live without it. Email? I wonder how many Malaysian will read email from their phone, plus we’re having weak internet services all over. Maybe, some of them don’t even know that they can read email on the phone, with price of course.

    if your say geeks will do, are they only targeting super-user? thats not a good business strategy.

    *adoi. mahal weh!

  5. i know. it is nice to have one, and i’m really addicted to buy one, as i’m also a mac user. but, as a new iphone user, i was hoping for something better, mainly about the plans.

    i wished there would be a subsidy on the phone, which they promised going to be priced below 1K. huk huk.

    plus, i’m waiting for any mms services from maxis, for iphone. plus, a new brand hardware for in coming iphone. who knows, 3G calls and better camera? hehe.

    anyway, have fun with your iphone!

    p.s: xmo jual murah2 kat saya? sbb nak jailbreak gile2. haha. 😛

  6. mahal sehh..

    nokia N95 lagi best

  7. bagi aku the hype dah suam2 kuku lah sekarang neh
    depa lambat sangat buat decision…

  8. beli fon mahal-mahal, hilang cam i, nyesal tak sudah.
    now pakai hitam putih je. bleh lambung-lambung.
    nak dengar lagu? i got mp3,mp4 n mr.bf ( my lappie )

    emails? daaa… online sudah.

    taking pictures? i got mr.nikon.

    so, i dont need an iphone. 😀


    ps; i just spend less than RM5 topup for a week. 😉

  9. pergh. aku dah taip boleh putus lak. malas dah nak taip. bermakna pulak tu. cis.

  10. Can’t make video call with iPhone–no second camera. :down:

  11. Too pricey. It’s a rip off. Sorry Ananda Krishnan, not interested.

  12. kalau tgk pakej yang ditawarkan oleh maxis tu pun cam nak cekik darah je.. hurmm.. putus terus angin untuk dapatkan iphone..

  13. Sepatutnye below RM1,000 iPhone tu. First tarik customer nak pakai Maxis, then baru the iPhone. Marketing team die sgt lah bodo.

  14. Phone ape you pakai dulu? Phone itam putih gak best. Masuk jamban, beli baru. Tak yah pikir 2 kali kalau ilang.

  15. tapi lagi bodo org yg terpedaya dengan marketing bodo itu..

  16. Kalau poket tebal time economy gawat, mmg terbaik lah!

  17. plan 100 hengget tu sampai 2 tahun la NH. aku tgk kt website maxis. 1900 hengget! kate nak letak harge bawah 1000.

    aku terase nak beli gak, tp apa kan daya, aku nie budak lagi. mne nak cekau duit. 😥

    honestly, drpd pakai iphone yang terikat ngan contract yang memang agak cekik darah, baek pakai ipod touch je. pakai apps fring. sonang sonang ajo call orang. free. huhu.

  18. my Nokia N70 still doing well. No need for iPhone. Plus, somehow I don’t like Maxis and its products.

  19. sori,a bit offensive & biased:IMO Ipod’s target customer ialah golongan elite yg mahu jaga status yg xdak usaha/malas nk do some googling sblm beli mp3 player.yg sedihnya bdk2 biasa pon terikut2 nk status ni (“Eh ko ada ipod?.wuuuuu”). padahal sound/function Ipod bukan lah yg terbaik & byk restriction (eg.DRM mp3),hanya mahal saja.

    Aku lihat Iphone pon menuju ke arah itu jugak,tgk pakej Maxis tu pon dah tau,yg sedihnya bdk2 biasa pon teruja2 nk..alahai..

    “adik,adik tau tak 3G tu apa?”
    “Ntah,tapi henset kwn2 adik semua ada,adik pon nk,mcm best ja”
    “… 😥 ”

    beli henset/mp3 ikut keperluan! for me,aku perlu henset yg ada kamera (2 MP dh cukup for candid pic) dan flash..no mp3 function.

    dan henset mesti nipis (less than/about 1cm). my principal,no man should have bulging jeans pocket at the front (eg bulging with N95..haha)…(bulging in the “front-middle” is ok..haha ➡ )

    aku guna Samsung P2 Mp3 player sbb dia touchscreen dan ada Bluetooth 2.0 so aku leh connect dgn Sony Stereo Bluetooth Headset aku kat gym ketika exercise (less annoying with no wire dangling around) dan sound dia antara yg terbaik (selain Creative).
    aku leh je simply beli Ipod time tu mcm kwn2 aku yg lain, tapi aku reseach dulu keperluan aku dan review users.
    lgpon skang org menuju ke technolgy wireless (wireless USB,HDMI,etc). aku harap lepas ni byk MP3 player with wireless function 🙂

  20. “cord-twisting-jiwang-calls”..haha.. :up:

    Maxis tak bodo..tapi team marketing diorang lemau sketlah..

    Aku tak pernah tengok iphone secara live lagi. Tapi setuju dengan pendapat NH. Price terlalu tinggi, takkan laku. Dah le nak soh pakai perkhidmatan dia. Letak pulak harga mahal2..Zaman plak tengah gawat. Sapelah yang nak.

  21. my W700i still great. hoho. agree. Still not need iPhone.. 🙂

  22. lagi baik simpan duit untuk aset dari guna untuk liabiliti.. and,kalau saya nak tambah 1 lg point,i don’t like touch screen…xla smpai benci,cuma kurang gemar…
    but iPhone looks cool huh…errr… 😕

  23. system iphone versi baru ni lebih canggih berbanding versi sblm ni. nice & perfect.
    aku pun dh angkat 1. ok la. terpaksa bayar 3000 (2900 + 100 sbb terminate maxis keesokan harinya) hahaa

  24. salam. terasa ko ni sangat poyo la plak bro.. takpe la. tapi watpe la nak spend mahal2 sgt kat sumthing yg looks great tapi biasa2 je.. apple memang sgt success dgn image branding diorang.

  25. thanks. you make me feel much better for not owning one. plus, iPhone is soooo last year. ppft.

  26. Hehe.. nice info bro.. ko telah menguatkan keputusan aku utk tidak merembat sebijik iPhone.. my N70 is still the best.. 😎

  27. lol…my just got it for USD$229 which is less than RM1000 without any contract boundary…
    for me an iphone just not value for your money..
    and i prefer my nokia 3210… bet i’ve been using it for more than 8years…it condition is still 9/10…
    sorry not for sale!!!

  28. *i meant my friend*

  29. Can your friend source one for me then?

  30. uhh iphone just an eye candy..me?a blackbery,a simple ‘kaler hitam putih’ nokia ol skool and psp to play my fav. games ‘dikala keseorangan’ ahaks

  31. would buy if its cheaper… but if its RM1.9k.. forget it.. js bcoz maxis is the only one with the license to sell, it doesn’t mean they hv shld charge at that price.. its insane

  32. he already in this country lah..
    was in US last year..

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