In Need of Another Screen

One of the common flaw for having a dual 22 inch setup is resolution.

Whenever I put my sketch up (in digital format), I drew to fit my screen. And I realized, not many share my view, it’s 1920 by 1080 pixels. A considerate web designer should not only build a web cross compatible with other browsers, but also consider ancient/sluggish technology.

There was a few commotion on a web designer’s blog. Interestingly, many agreed to ditch Internet Explorer 5.5 and push the common 800 by 600 resolution to 1024 by 800 pixels. I’m not so fuzzed about IE 5.5, I grew with it but I do agree we shift to the higher resolutions.

The main point is, I need a new 17 inch screen. Guess I’ll swing by Lowyat tomorrow after all and sweep a color laser too if it doesn’t cost an arm.

ps: Busy. Cranky. Moody. It’s taxing more than enjoying these days.


I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

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  1. will that be a triple monitor setup? hmmm

  2. Some of my friends are still using the 1024×768 and 800×600, screen resolutions.

  3. 1024 x 800 or 1024 x 768? just resize the resolution sudah…or ko guna jer firefox plugin nama web developer…hehe 😛

  4. apa kata gune jerk virtualbox ?

  5. apa lagi beli ler satu

  6. hurm. this is such a headache. but, to date, i moved on to 1028×768 minimum screen resolution. those who use smaller than this, nasib dia la.. Hahahaha!

    anyway, more than single monitor is addicting. haha. plus, if you use desktop. wah-la-weh! woot~ ➡

  7. I ditched coding for 800*600 a few layouts ago (there’s a time unit for that, haha) because it’s just too constrictive. Now I happily stick to 980 or 960px to cater for my 1024*768 visitors, heh.

    Anyway, you’re getting a third monitor? But you have two eyes only 😕 haha! Your room will look more like a high tech security guard post soon. Now the next thing on the list is to get a bunch of video cams installed around your home. Muahaha.

  8. LoL! Well, the third screen will be fixed vertically. It helps me to code (those long lines of coding, esp CSS). Plus it doesnt have to be a souped up LCD. A regular LCD would do just fine.

    I’d probably need a web cam too. Just a thought..

  9. aku pun plan nak dual screen
    mcm cool je kan

  10. Eddie, kamu punya BenQ T2200HD 22″ LCD tu widescreen kah? Bagaimana kamu bisa adjust mata kamu melihat screen yg wide. Bagi saya widescreen tu macam penyek aje! 😆

  11. Tak penyek. Kene set resolution betul2 la. Sekarang resolution 1920 x 1080. Tapi still rase tak puas.

  12. I see. An interesting idea! I’ve seen workspaces with vertical screens but they’re not very common. I guess it’s only popular with people who are doing coding since it requires a lot of vertical real estate from the monitor.

    What resolution are you getting then?

    p/s: Webcam only reminds me of ONE thing – SKYPE haha! Or you can take photos yourself everyday and stitch them into a collage or sth if you’re too bored 😛

  13. NH, about this awesome theme, set the body and top background properties to “fixed” and the theme rocks!!

  14. I tried on FireBug. Will do it later 😉

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