In Need of Another Screen

One of the common flaw for having a dual 22 inch setup is resolution.

Whenever I put my sketch up (in digital format), I drew to fit my screen. And I realized, not many share my view, it’s 1920 by 1080 pixels. A considerate web designer should not only build a web cross compatible with other browsers, but also consider ancient/sluggish technology.

There was a few commotion on a web designer’s blog. Interestingly, many agreed to ditch Internet Explorer 5.5 and push the common 800 by 600 resolution to 1024 by 800 pixels. I’m not so fuzzed about IE 5.5, I grew with it but I do agree we shift to the higher resolutions.

The main point is, I need a new 17 inch screen. Guess I’ll swing by Lowyat tomorrow after all and sweep a color laser too if it doesn’t cost an arm.

ps: Busy. Cranky. Moody. It’s taxing more than enjoying these days.

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