I’m an Asshole

Yesterday, I beat my youngest brother.

I haven’t had my sleep more than 48 hours. Of course, I’m restless and tired. My youngest brother, walked up to me as said, ‘Send me to tuition! I’m ready and only waiting for you to send me!’

I changed my outfit, got the keys and started the engine. It’s been 5 minutes, he hasn’t come out yet. I got back in and saw that he was still looking for his book. I shoved him, hard enough to fall. He cried.

2 things, first; don’t facebook [1. Refer to my lingo page] with my timing. Second; be rude.

I’m an ASSHOLE but I did send him to tuition.

ps: I’m sorry bro. Violence is never my way of solving things. Yesterday, I snapped.

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