Iftar At KLCC

As Ramadhan is nearing to end, we (the family) decided to break fast at mosques around KL. You can say, we’re partially being cheapskates. Amongst the destination not to be missed is KLCC As-Syakirin.

KLCC Iftar

I’ve been meaning to write something fruitful and enjoying but I guess pictures are worth lots more. Plus, my head is pretty much occupied with house renovation etc. So for your eyes, this my cam-whoring moment.

KLCC Iftar
Break fast. We were a little late, but there’s enough for everyone.

KLCC Iftar
After Maghrib prayer, waiting for Isya’ and Terawih.

KLCC Iftar
People leaving after Terawih.

KLCC Iftar
The playful Edzrin which never ceased cheap shots.

KLCC Iftar
Paid my Zakat. He’s my proof 😉

KLCC Iftar
Ultimately auw. Darn bro..

Carrying a bulky bag around poised lots of question. I did engaged a conversation with a pakcik.

Pakcik : Ni bawak camera ni, tangkap gambar untuk paper ke?
NH : Eh, tak la. Hobi je.

Pakcik : Ohh.. Satu beg sekali dengan lens semua ni berape?
NH: Hmm.. 5 Ribu ade kot? (not mine but I think it’s roughly 6k)

Pakcik : Mahai betui! Baik beli EX5*!
NH : Hahahaha.

EX5* is a common Honda motorcycle. Also known as Boon Siew Honda.

KLCC IftarKLCC IftarKLCC IftarKLCC IftarKLCC IftarKLCC IftarKLCC Iftar
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ps: Last year I made Ramadhan cards. So I’m not planning to make renew em.

pss: Selamat Hari Raya.

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