IF’s Can’t Be Applied In Life

If only you could read the sign,
You’d know you’re always in my mind.

If only you’d pick up the phone,
I could sing to you an endless tune.

If only you’d talk to me,
I’ll make sure this is meant to be.

If only I met you sooner,
You wouldn’t be engaged to another.

If only our path crossed,
I’ll keep you deep in my heart,
and be with you till I rot.

That’s enough jiwang-ness for the day.

Having a wicked mind, I cannot hide my darkest trait, which is to stalk. I know, I know it’s bad. I hate it when it happens to me. But I’m drawn towards her, a doctor-to-be and religious. Unearthly beauty, mundane motherly touch as if calling ‘come, come hug mummy‘. (that is a sick way to describe beauty.. Hahaha)

But those were my darkest days. I stopped after I found out she’s engaged.

Anyway, I saw her today (for the first time). Let me put this in the POLITEST way possible, she’s FUCKING CUTE!

I’ll add another line to the poem above.

If only I had the courage,
I’d walk to you and say what I rehearsed.

ps: Now, let me enjoy this butterfly feeling a little longer

pss: And this is my goodbye.

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