I was an Engineering Student

I’m not actually proud of my scroll. After all, I barely scrape through my courses. With some twisting and turning, I made my mark on that piece of paper.

I was cleaning my pile of stash. Mainly consist of unused papers, lessons, exam result, bills,.. until I came across my engineering notes, dated 13 Sep 2003.

My notes

(Everything in this post is my hand writing)

My Engineering NotesMy Engineering NotesMy Engineering NotesMy Engineering NotesMy Engineering Notes

I questioned myself, what was the reason I quit engineering? I don’t hate it, in fact, I love technicalities.

Was it the pay? I don’t think I got any higher now.

Was it the misunderstanding? Most of the time, I did it my way. I’ll agree to everything in meetings, but do it differently (improvised of course).

Was it dad? I can pretty much handle the workload, although I go back at 1o pm sometimes 2 am and unappreciated.

To be honest, I forgot.

It’s been 6 years since I last devised a formulae. I used to think I was so smart when I found a new law (or rule), I named it Eddie’s Law. A few weeks later, we studied that in class. WTH  ➡

I’m keeping these notes in a time capsule along with my little-black-book, photos of her and a mobile phone. I couldn’t possibly throw everything away. It’s anchored to me and it’s my past, I shouldn’t run away.

I hope to find the time capsule in another 5 years. By that time, I hope I don’t look back and regretted my actions, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

ps: My notes scheme, 4 column on an A4 paper, that makes it 8 sides. 2 chapter, 1 piece of paper. 1 semester, 10 chapters and 6 classes. Total, 240 columns on 30 A4 papers for 60 chapters in 1 semester. Do you follow me?

pss: In short, I save papers and trees.

psss: I wish I had a scanner. I could show you how neat it is   🙄

pssss: Ninie, emo enough for you? 80% rule  😛

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