I Was a Teacher’s Pet


Last weekend was my second visit to Kuala Kangsar for the LaPassion Project. I met a few teacher throughout the 2 days training, on and off the field. As for the boys, they’re coping with the training easily. It was either fit or I was being easy on them. The U15s are doing quite well. I can see some unpolished gems on the field. Really can’t wait for their first cap.

Anyway, this post is not about the boys, it’s about my trip to my alma matter, The Malay College. It’s quiet a surprise that most the teachers still remember me, I’d have to thank my ‘English’ name for that.

Ms Grace : Kamu ni Edwin, jalan lambat2. Same saje macam dulu..

Miss Grace was our physics teacher. I was never in her class, but I remembered addressing a few questions to her pertaining the subject. And of course I did run from her, when she did dorm rounds. It wasn’t the ass whipping, it’s the never ending advise that I hated.

Ust. Ishak : Masripan! Lama tak nampak..

He shouted from a distance. He was my arabic teacher. There was a few occasions where I was caught ‘bending’ the schools law. While other boys got a whipping, he would just talk to me. By the way, he uses Surname to address people, i.e. our parents name. If you ask me, I’d prefer a whooping than being lectured, save my time please…

Ahmad Badri : Edwin, mana batu bata?

He greeted me after the rugby training. Back in 2000, we carry bricks for rugby practice. He was the school’s athletics team manager. I remembered he gave me a ride to town on his Yellow Jaguh. Was also the first teacher who explained what harm can smoking do.

Yob Zain : Hang dari mana ni? [he shook my hand and gave me a hug]

Boy, that was gay. He was the man behind every sports at MCKK. He was also the one to invite GREAT schools to compete in our invitational events for Sports day. Thank god, we won ALL. He was proud as ever, so was I.

Saffuan : Awak kencing lagi dalam pool tak?

It was one of his remarks, “if you pee in pool, your dick will be weak”. It was one of those (school) days, where I escaped class just to do some dipping and he caught me, and gave me another 30 minutes. I don’t remember him much. I was never in his class. But we sure spent some quality laughs together.

School’s out, what now? Work…


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  1. lol all the sport teacher wishes you means you’re an athletics last time? swt.. if you pee in pool your dick will be weak lol.. nice advice for kids not simply pee on the pool hahahahaa

  2. sonok jumper member2 lamer, guru2 lamer.. meleleh airmata..

    en_me’s last blog post..flat house for rent

  3. I was the athletics captain and most of my efforts back then remained unseen..so wtf right? LoL

  4. once MC*K, forever MC*K..

    that’s all i can comment on you.

    semangat sekolah ye ko!

  5. wah waaaaahhh!! Syok la pegi skolah lama. Based on your descriptions, you are really a teacher’s pet, kuang kuang kuang πŸ˜€

    Mr Ah Fa’s last blog post..Tenaga Positif!

  6. it’s all in the heart.

    sinilah aku belajar reality dunie ni πŸ˜‰

  7. Hahaha.. was trying to avoid that actually! hahaha

  8. man..I do miss all of those sweet memories. wish I could turn back time and spend it again with you all..

    fadh’s last blog post..aku nak beli keretalah!

  9. Hurrmm.. why did most of the teachers I met in koleq last january were ones that I really hate? huhu..

    Rindu plak ms. Grace, shes the one who make sure that everyone goes to Solat Jumaat (mind you, shes a devout Christian!). :halo:

    Fuqaha’s last blog post..Some new sites

  10. Rauhi and Katok ke? Hahaha πŸ˜€

  11. Rauhi confirm bukan! People said i was his ‘anak angkat’ time kat koleq dulu.. hehe..

    The name starts with R. And now, due to his capability to ‘jilat’, he is a high ranking administrator. You know who i always loath. :vangry:

  12. You know that R asked me to inject 30k for this year rugby team. And he still treats me like a kid.

  13. I miss koleq.. But have no change visitting koleq… Tahniah la dpt selalu ziarah dan tanya khabar

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