I Wanna Go Back Yeah

I’m going back to my alma matter, the place where I spent 5 years singing the same tune every Monday morning. Facing the same one hundred something people. Dealing with the same old teacher. And getting whipped for not wearing a name tag, school badge, tie, socks or black belt. Dining the most disgusting food every day with rice mixed maggots, yellow veggies and smelly over cooked fish.

A place where we don’t get wedgy because couldn’t afford undies. The place where everything moves slowly, including the buses and cabs. And water, that flows slower than an average human pee (at peak hour).

Yes, I’m going back to MCKK, next month. But I’m broke.

But the best part is, my pay check is guaranteed. Despite being an over achiever, I still get lectured by my superior. I guess he didn’t want me to be complacent.

It’s been 10 years since I left school. Where I am now? Did I get what I day dreamed of every single day? Is this what I always wanted? The answer is, no. But then again, you can’t possibly have everything flowing your way, can you?

Deep down, I am lucky that I was raised in a town called Kuala Kangsar and dealing with crap became my forte.

ps: Nak cendol Kuale~

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