I Think I Like You

LRT Story

I think I like you,
I see you everytime I catch the train.
If this is coincidence,
Then I want it everyday.

I held the bar,
You stood by me,
I said hi,
and so you smiled.

Masuk lagi, masuk lagi, [1. Move in, Go in]
The LRT man cried,
Now you’re hugging me,
I panicked but happy inside.

Stesyen berikutnya, Jelatek, [2. Next station, Jelatek]
This is where I park,
I said goodbye,
again you smiled, you bisu ke? [3. Are you deaf?]

One day,
You saw me and smiled,
And asked me out,
But I humbly denied.

I thought I liked you,
but I don’t think so.
I should wear a name tag,

There you go, underlined, BOLD and highlighted.
Stupid For You
I’m yours. Special Request

ps: Ironically we did hang out, but she’s 29 ❗

pss: Sorsorus, aku nak kawen doctor gak!!

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70 thoughts on “I Think I Like You”

  1. ever try the doctrine of the LAW OF ATTRACTION?
    might be u can try to run the theory into an experiment and c if u’ll end up getting a doctor.. 🙂

  2. it’s okay la..
    eh you betul2 nyanyi lagu i’m yours tu.. hehehe tapi macam nyanyi dlm jamban je eddie.. huhu

  3. dah selalu sangat dah.. aku dah fobia.. tiap kali tules… prepare notepad kat tepi.. sebelum submit.. copy buat backup dulu.. 🙄

  4. Ive read it. I don’t think I like it. I have my own charm, I’ll stick to that.

    To find a doctor, I must either go to Medical School or Hospitals :kiss:

  5. bakal doktor aku kenal.. lawa..very smart and opinionated girl. 20 years old. ko ada FB? kang aku suggest her to be a friend 😀

  6. eddie i rs seronok leaving my comments kat your blog! macam i rs seronok commenting on Everything but Ordinary (Cibol) and The Flaccid Mind (Bongkersz) sbb suka muncung muncung.. :kiss: :kiss: LOL! haha..
    well, i rs seronok sbb i rs free je nak express pa pe.. no restrictions at all.. and i’d like to apologize in advance if i byk bising kat sini :kiss: heheh

  7. read to fill the time in lrt..still looking to find whoever experimented the theory….curious to know if any back-analysis can actually prove the theory

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