I Don’t Read Your Blog If…

The Bad News
Not true. I actually read almost anything I come across, thanks to RSS. But leaving comments is my not obligation. I don’t want to leave short comments like “HAHAHA” or “how funny sh*t is that!”, for the sake of “i wuz ere” it’s degrading!

But there are some setbacks when I read blogs, here’s the top 5.

1. Hosted on Blogspot [1. NoktahHitam was on blogspot before]
I don’t mean to disrespect those on Blogger.com, but blogspot is very lame. The non stress-free anti-spam image. Comment links to profile. Sometimes slow. But if you want flexibility in design, blogger is the way to go, otherwise you can migrate to wordpress.

2. Lengthy Post
Keep it short stupid (K.I.S.S.). Not everyone likes the idea of reading endless writings. If it needs to be long, segregate them in to several parts. It’s like G.I. Joe, ‘to be continued..’, I had to wait a week for the next episode!

3. Messy and Clutters
You have TOO many ads. It annoys anyone to the max. Position them neatly and make up your mind what ads to be put up and what needs to go away.

4. It Takes More Than a Minute To Load
What is blogging without picture(s)? [2. Chedet. He doesn’t have pictures in his posting] Limit each picture to 50kb. You can use Adobe Photoshop for that.

5. Language Used
Language is your brush, blog is your canvas, paint it your way. Writing also show one’s depth of knowledge, so choose your words wisely. You don’t want to look stupid.

Why do I read blogs? INFORMATION IS POWER!

Oh yeah, I don’t just read blogs, I click on ads if I like the entry.

ps: Next post, is the “20 blogs I like” with brief descriptions ❗

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