I Did Not Register To Vote Part II


Here’s a piece of comment I got from part 1.

I will be answering you like a gentleman.

  1. The registration to vote is only 4 times a year. If I register now, it’ll be pointless
  2. I do not want to register at my parents area. I will register once I settled for a place.
  3. I did not say I want to start a political party. I have very little interest in politics. I only want change.
  4. I promote VOTE FOR CHANGE banner to seek balance in publicity.
  5. I am immature, I admit. But I do not compare myself with others. I am one of a kind and so are you.
  6. I understand that 1 vote makes a difference, Najib won by 6 majority in the last election.
  7. My blog is not a living being, I am. Hence blog does not have a pride.

Enough of the gentleman hood, now let’s get cranky.

  1. Who the fuck are you to compare me and yourself? You only write to earn money. It shows, you are in for yourself. I write to portray my mind.
  2. When did I SAY I wanted to start a political party? Do you fucking understand english?
  3. Mature? I specifically wrote “MATURING ADULT” and that’s me.
  4. NH promoting Opposition? Maybe I have not made myself clear, I AM A REBEL not a nationalist.
  5. Do you know that everyone contesting for a seat is allowed to use RM100,000 for their campaign? Fucking insolent.
  6. I am not ashamed of what ever fuck I am portraying on NH.
  7. I FUCKING APOLOGIES ALREADY! do you want me to give you a BJ also? Fuck no.
  8. and since this is my blog, I SUGGEST YOU READ BEFORE MAKING A COMMENT.

No longer mad. It’s too bad, NH is only spam proof but not idiot proof. It’s also too bad that, I made a fool of myself, going on rampage against a ‘kid’. Heck, for what I care, God only looks at one’s iman, so I don’t really give a fuck what others think.

ps: Sometimes I feel like hacking blogs and delete the user from JPN too. But I don’t think that’s enough to feed my anger.. oh well, another day in bolehland 😥

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