I Am Unsubscribing You and You

Yes, you heard me.

  • You’re too much fun. You thrive on your love stories on daily basis.
  • You always talk about your work. It’s too technical and exciting, I kinda like it.
  • You are a good influence, you think the world revolves around you.
  • You talk and talk non-stop, not giving room for others to express their emotions. Which is good. Most guys are shy. Such as myself.
  • You’re rich. You spend your plastic money recklessly.
  • You’re in fashion. With your striped pants, pink shirt, pointy shoes. You my man is one metro-sexual dude.
  • You’re so informative, that when you talk, you made it sound funny.
  • You are so great, you’re giving out advises freely without people asking you.

Let’s face it. We’re not kids anymore.

As egoistic bastard as I can be, I do listen when people talk. I do hear out for any cries. I do lend out a hand to those in need. And I pretty much reserve my ammos.

You might think I’m boasting. Yes I am. At least I know who I am, do you?

ps: I haven’t been called up yet. So I guess, I’m not that good.

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