Hudud, Is It Applicable or Petrifiying?

Hudud is man-made law derived from Quran and Hadith. Husam Musa said, PAS wanted to implement hudud, but he quickly retracted his words when Lim Kit Siang asked, ‘What hudud?‘. And Anwar remain lost in his quest to conquer the PM seat.

I’m writing today NOT to talk about the edgy by-election at Kuala Terengganu, but Hudud itself. Is it necessary?

With the alarming rate of crime No, crime alone is alarming. We don’t need statistics to prove that it’s still bearable. Robbery, grand theft, rape, murder, kidnap or infidel, as long as it brings misfortune, it’s bad.

In the modern world, hudud is seen as barbaric and immoral. While I agree with that, let’s not overlook some of these points.

Save Your Money

Guilty criminal lives with tax payer money.We’d tighten our belts to feed them, when we can just chop off his hand. It is inhumane, but we can use that money for the greater goods, like feed the orphans.

So how much are we talking about?
RM10 per day x 365 days x 25years = RM 91,250!

Isn’t that a sick figure? And I just assumed that RM10 per day per head, not to mention the guards, logistic, electricity. Still think they deserved a slice of our hard earn tax?

Eye for an Eye

Under Qisas, if you murder someone, you’ll be sentence to death. Just perfect. It’ll definitely send the message up to your spine.

For Peace of Mind

Have you ever been to Arab? Well, when it’s time to pray, they left everything behind, open. As “3rd world” as they can be, they don’t steal things.

Few months ago, a Porsche Cayenne was robbed from the driver while waiting for his boss. A parang on his neck, he had to give in. Although it’s insured, all they got was the depreciated value, that’s like 70% of it’s price.

Few weeks ago, some big-shot was robbed in the comfort of his own house. He got stitches, a direct result of being lashed with a parang.

If we implemented hudud, I’m sure non of these would happen.

The Pious Four

Under hudud, 4 witness must come forward to testify the crime. Not just a normal person, but someone with a good, clean and unbiased background. But I’m sure that wouldn’t be a problem, we have CCTVs nowadays.


Hudud is ONLY for muslim. To some extend, I wish everyone is governed by it. But I see more non-muslims are being anal about it. If you did nothing wrong, why are you so scared?

I wish not to write any longer but you’re free to continue here on hudud.
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