Howling for Help, Neighborhood Watch

It was exactly 1.00am. I was in my house doing my paperwork for tomorrow’s meeting. I heard a girl’s voice crying for help. She was howling and yelling, a mixture of both. It sounded like

Tolong, arghhhhh, tolong arghhhh, arghhhh, wooooo, arrrghhh, tolong… tolong, arghhhh!

I took my broken golf shaft and ran to my front lawn. My neighbor got out of his house when he saw me wandering on the orange-lighted streets.

NoktahHitam: Did you hear that? 😯
My Neighbor: Yes. I did. I got up because of that sound 😡
NoktahHitam: It sounded like someone is being raped 😈
My Neighbor: Let’s do some roundings ❗

We made 2-3 rounds, we couldn’t find anything.

NoktahHitam: It’s ok. Go have your rest. Let me do some night walking :kiss:
My Neighbor: Just shout when you see anything strange :smile:

I walked and walked for almost an hour but I couldn’t find anything. I did chase a few stray dogs though.

My assumptions

  1. Someone is treating hysteria – logical, the howling makes sense
  2. Someone was raped – logical, it does sound like one
  3. Someone was kidnapped – it would be quick and quiet
  4. Some house was robbed – no way, the robber must’ve tied them up
  5. Someone was watching porn on Dolby THX -no way, I know the sound of porn

So what was it?

Long ago, we had a neighborhood watch program. We each have to take turn but the program was later dissolved. Nothing really happened in our area other than millions of mosquito bites. I think we need to re-enact the program.

ps: I swear to God you can kill me if I’m making this up ❗

pss: I don’t suppose another rape victim in my housing area?

psss: I feel like a hostel warden 😮

pssss: I swore an oath to myself, to be a caring and loving citizen of humanity. I will do my best with these 2 hands ➡


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so.. what kind of porn? :p

anyway, you did a good job for your neighborhood. i wouldn’t have the courage to do so, esp. at night..

good luck being the watchman. don’t let anyone mistake you as the robber, though

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NoktahHitam replied #1


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MK wrote on March 27, 2008 #1

gile ah bro mmg mantap.sanggup ronda2 malam.kalau eden tarik selimut jerk heheh

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NoktahHitam replied #1

jgn camtu bro. kite kene idop tolong menolong :up:

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borakbola wrote on March 27, 2008 #2

oh gosh, you seem to attract weird incidents. :-s

hmm.. that’s really strange and freaky.

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drumsticks wrote on March 27, 2008 #3

You such a darl la dude..

Tak semua lelaki melayu di luar sana yang sanggup buat ape yang u buat..

ingin ku kahwinkan Nh dgn anakku..

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t.a.t.a replied #1

pastikan anak anda itu seorang doktor atau bakal doktor.. :smile:

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Naftalena wrote on March 27, 2008 #4

hmm… poor girl. if she was being raped or kidnapped. you did a good. I’m proud of you. :smile:

and oh, I know the sound of porn too. when I was in form two, my friends and I waited for our parents to pick us up after sports practice at the back of the school’s guardhouse and we think that the guards were watching some porn. We heard the sound. My friend said that that was porn. The guards didn’t see us. ❗

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Aisyah wrote on March 27, 2008 #5

wah, dah lamer me x wat rukun tetangga nih.. ihihi

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en_me wrote on March 28, 2008 #6

Pontianak ker? They say that she makes noise like that right? Or I get the myth wrong?


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constant drama wrote on March 29, 2008 #7

Leave a comment, I won't bite ;)

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