Howling for Help, Neighborhood Watch

It was exactly 1.00am. I was in my house doing my paperwork for tomorrow’s meeting. I heard a girl’s voice crying for help. She was howling and yelling, a mixture of both. It sounded like

Tolong, arghhhhh, tolong arghhhh, arghhhh, wooooo, arrrghhh, tolong… tolong, arghhhh!

I took my broken golf shaft and ran to my front lawn. My neighbor got out of his house when he saw me wandering on the orange-lighted streets.

NoktahHitam: Did you hear that? 😯
My Neighbor: Yes. I did. I got up because of that sound 😡
NoktahHitam: It sounded like someone is being raped 😈
My Neighbor: Let’s do some roundings ❗

We made 2-3 rounds, we couldn’t find anything.

NoktahHitam: It’s ok. Go have your rest. Let me do some night walking :kiss:
My Neighbor: Just shout when you see anything strange 🙂

I walked and walked for almost an hour but I couldn’t find anything. I did chase a few stray dogs though.

My assumptions

  1. Someone is treating hysteria – logical, the howling makes sense
  2. Someone was raped – logical, it does sound like one
  3. Someone was kidnapped – it would be quick and quiet
  4. Some house was robbed – no way, the robber must’ve tied them up
  5. Someone was watching porn on Dolby THX -no way, I know the sound of porn

So what was it?

Long ago, we had a neighborhood watch program. We each have to take turn but the program was later dissolved. Nothing really happened in our area other than millions of mosquito bites. I think we need to re-enact the program.

ps: I swear to God you can kill me if I’m making this up ❗

pss: I don’t suppose another rape victim in my housing area?

psss: I feel like a hostel warden 😮

pssss: I swore an oath to myself, to be a caring and loving citizen of humanity. I will do my best with these 2 hands ➡

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