How to Remove NuffNang Footer Logo

Remove nuffnang footer

Syuxx posted on how to remove NuffNang footer a day ago. Somehow, NuffNang got their way to protect it. And here I am, giving you a simple hack to remove the logo. Personally, the logo looks ugly.

/* Remove Nuffnang footer*/
#nnadsfoot img {display: none;}

Post the code above anywhere in your style.css (your default theme) and you’re good to go!

I’ve read the entire TOS, but couldn’t find anything that will get me sued for the above code. Can anyone go through again?


Apparently the guys at NuffNang are working hard to combat this grey act. They modified their codes to keep displaying their logo, so did I, to prevent the logo from appearing. This is like a death match between NuffNang and a web developer.

Who has the upper hand? ME!

If Timothy changed his TOS, then really, I have to surrender.


I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

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  1. penah tgk video clip Ops I did It Again by Britney?

    Same outfit, same hair style πŸ˜‰

  2. so MK, britney or maya karin?

    Britney for me! ❗

  3. demn.. mane bole beat datin seri πŸ™„

  4. bole try. but I don’t use advertlet. Later I’ll get an account. Okie? 😈 😈

  5. muahahahahaha! thanks dude, i hide advertlets and nuffnang’s footer πŸ˜€ gone the ugly footer! (yeah i read that timothy’s message to syuxx :P)

  6. that freaking thing works eh? Hahaha demmit.

  7. by the way, what did timothy say?

  8. eh tak bleh dude the coding for advertlets, all other img i put on my blog using text widget also gone πŸ˜› oh, syuxx said timothy sent him a message :

    “Actually dude… if you footer is not there, any advertiser who wants to place ads on your blog and not be able to find our ad unit will think that your placement is bad (like somewhere hidden) and hence choose not to proceed with booking any ads on your blog hence reducing the chances of that you get any ads. Our staff then mark all blogs with bad placements so if your blog is mistakenly marked with a bad placement then you will stop getting ads all of a sudden. So whether we change our code or not to include this small little thing is not the question but whether it’s worth doing this.”


  9. demmit. quite betul what he said.

    anyway, I earned RM68 from the previous nuffnang campaign. I still get the McDonalds one.. what ever je la timothy..

  10. I never used Nuffnang before, but I’m confident that they’ll be churning out javascript stuff to stop the display issue thing… but the text-indent thing is interesting! That’ll keep that button out of the screen of even the widest screen (unless it’s like almost 20000px across, heh!).

    The Nuffnang people will most probably be fuming mad. I speculate that their last straw will be adding something in the TOS that prohibits the removal of their logo on webpages. Hmm.

    teddY’s last blog post..Beautiful World

  11. Interesting! =)

  12. Masih berfungsi!

  13. thanks for this info..

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