How to Make Sign Boards with A4 Papers

I guess this fits as one of the How-To’s in my wedding preparation.

In every wedding surely we need sign boards, especially those hosted at home. Even with GPS, elderly would prefer to go by hard copy map. I call this gut instinct, because they’re usually wrong.

Anyway, I did my own sign board using A4 paper. An A4 Paper is rather too small to make sign boards. It’s hardly seen. Even harder when driving. Therefor, I plan on printing 4 x A4 papers and stick em together.

The software that I’ll be using is Microsoft Powerpoint and PosteRazor. The latter was used to split the image.

  1. Download PosteRazor first. This will save you waiting time.
  2. Open up Powerpoint and go to File > Page Setup.
  3. Change the setting of the page to A4.
  4. Do your own design. Remember, it has to be seen and not pretty.
  5. When you’re done, go to File > Save as Picture. Choose PNG or JPEG
  6. Open PosteRazor and locate the design you just made.
  7. PosteRazor will take you through the wizard.
  8. Once you’re done, PosteRazor will print PDF format of the pages. Example.
  9. Printing time!

For the printing papers, I chose the color blue. By choosing a specific color, I could differentiate my sign boards. This will also help drivers to identify the signs quicker rather than reading everything.

How to Make Sign Boards with A4 Papers

Here’s my example.

Rule of Thumb: Sign boards are to be seen. So make em huge! Not as big as RM’s hair-do ok?


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  1. hehe, daa nak kawen daa korang.. huhu congratz arh… jgn lupa upload gambor. huhu

  2. confirm upload byk sampai korang muak!

  3. pi order ngan tekong. signboard aku besaq giler haha

  4. tak jemput aku dan kr ke?huhu. tahniah. 🙂 kitorg jumaat ni nikah! yahuu! jemput la kalau sudi hehe

  5. Tahniah NH. Saya dan Shukur doakan kebahagiaan dan rahmat Allah sentiasa mengiringi. Selamat menjalankan amanah baru. Sampaikan salam saya pada Aisyah.
    Barakallahulakum wabaraka alaik wal jama’a bainakuma filkhair.

  6. congrat NH dan pasangan.

  7. macam pernah lihat sign board ni…hehe…jalan masuk umah aku ni…hehe…sorry eddie xdpt hadir…aku demam la plak…sorry yerk…anyway selamat pengantin baru…:)

  8. Wah sudah berkahwin rupanya 🙂 Selamat Pengantin Baru

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