How Not To Move a Big Bike

One week out of the showroom, my bike finally took a beating. It fell while it was stationary.

The biggest misconception about handling a big bike is that, it’s light. It’s not. It weighs 200 kg with full tank of gas. Therefor, it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Always, always, always get the bike owners to move it even if you’re good with one.

1. The first thing you need to do. Remove it’s plastic cover (if any).

2. Unlock the disc brake locks and the steering lock (if any).

4. Get on the left side of the bike, the one with the stand.

5. Mount or tilt the bike slowly with right hand on the brake.

6. Start moving it carefully.

Last night my bike fell. My mom was trying to open her car door but couldn’t because my bike was blocking it. My younger brother proactively went to remove the bike while I was still searching for the keys to unlock the bike. Without removing it’s cover and on the right side of the bike (the one without the stand), he tilted and pushed the bike.

BAM! The bike fell and he fell on it too. I was bloody pissed, who wouldn’t? I should’ve stop him before he starts touching the bike.

Visible scratch on the bike.

A little zoom in, there it is. Scarred and probably loses it’s ecstatic value.

The fairing/fender is made of fiber glass, so it’s pretty easy to catch a scratch.

Close up, you can see the paint has chipped off.

Even the engine took a beating too. Though very tiny, it managed to scrap the paint off the engine and the metal part is visible. I just hope it doesn’t rust in the long run.

Mom volunteered to pay for the damages, she didn’t want us to fight. That’s not possible. Why would I want to take my mom’s money? It’s not her fault that the bike fell. I did an online search, it’s gonna cost at least RM800 to replace with a new fairing. Plus it’s a 2012 version, I doubt it’s easy to find parts.

After the incident, I walked to my brother and told him, next time ask me personally to move the bike. He snubbed. That was rude, considering he put a dent on the bike. He did apologize but sounds half hearted, but whatever. Once I repair this, I’ll ask money from him.

The main thing here is, don’t touch a bike if you have no idea how to handle it.

The quality of mom’s camera is pretty decent, provided there’s enough light. Olympus VG 140

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