Hold That Door, Please!

Hold That Door

It was late (or early in the morning), I made a quick stop to the nearest convenient store to get some refreshments before I mull into my never-ending work.

I paid and left the counter. A guy was about to come in, so I held the door for him. He walked in without thanking me, smiled or even looked at me. Gosh, do I look like an usher to him? A bell boy perhaps?

It’s part of gentleman-hood, to hold the door for others. Nobody will ever teach you this because it should already be imprinted at the back of your brain (provided you have any).

When I was doing my degree abroad, we had long halls and multiple doors to trap heat. Often I find myself running because there’s a lad at the end of the hall, holding the door for me and I was about 10-15 meters away. I ran because I don’t want to make him wait for me. And of course, later I expressed my gratitude for the kind gesture.

Have you noticed the word “Push” or “Pull” on the door? And why it’s always both signs on one side?

  1. So you don’t slam the door to someone’s face 😯
  2. So you have bigger space to walk in and out 😳
  3. So you don’t end up pushing (or pulling) from both sides 😡
  4. So you don’t break the door 😥

So please, when ever you’re at the door, always hold it for someone else even if you have to wait for 2-3 seconds. You don’t have to be a Caucasian to hold the door. Be courteous ❗

ps: Negaraku is pacing itself very well on its’ 1st week!

pss: When I say “hold the door”, it doesn’t only translate to physical stuff. Also applies various parts of your life, e.g. The door to your heart, the door to greater success, the door of wisdom etc. So think about it.

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