He’s The Boss

That sexy girl is having lunch with the boss,
Nevermind lah, he’s the boss.

Did you know the boss often takes her to dinner?
Nevermind lah, he’s the boss.

Sometimes to movies,
Nevermind lah, he’s the boss.

I even saw them holding hands,
Nevermind lah, he’s the boss.

I think that’s the boss’s mistress,
Nevermind lah, he’s the boss.

So what are you going to do?
Nevermind lah, I’m his boss.

The above is an adaptation of my mini stories called ‘The Criminal Mind’. I originally planned on writing a novel or a drama script, but it’s just an idea, so I’ll leave it there. I should just stick to developing web 😀

The Criminal Mind is an adventure of a homeless boy, who lived on the streets of Kuala Lumpur. Desperate for food and shelter, he mastered the art of stealing. Along the way, he met a few friends who share the same fate as his.

You can think of it as a prequel to Ocean 11, Ocean 12 & Ocean 13.

I didn’t want to continue writing because it might stimulate a real organized crime as it exposes many security loop holes in Malaysia.

Now that you’ve heard of it, please allow your mind to fantasize about the story as I’ve lost the document file 🙄

ps: The boy’s name is I.


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  1. Dude, just continue with your life novel. Do something different won’t hurt a bit.

    Rizwan’s last blog post..He? She? Sexy? Whatever..

  2. eh.. continue writing lah dude.. 😀 aper potong stim cakap doc. dah hilang. (eh cakap pasal doc.. aku lupa nak intro ko member doc. tu.. kat fb haha)

    ps: there’s a series ‘Criminal Minds’, very nice. i love it more to CSI. more human touch to the story/series – methods of investigation.

  3. LOL your worries about The Criminal Mind reminded of worried parents and teachers in Japan after the release of Deathnote – shops sell fake Deathnote notebooks so that people can scribble the name of the people that hate on it. Reminds me of black magic 😯

    teddY’s last blog post..Kickass Firefox!

  4. The boy’s name is I, bukan Izzudin or Ismail. Just I.

  5. Might want 2 the title,nanti org ingat criminal minds-the tv show la plak.Maybe I-11 ke…. 😕

  6. Ade series ke? Shit man. Kene tuka title.

  7. There’s one about stealing an ATM machine using a Pajero.

    Provided you have the apparatus, everything can be done 😥

    Also to steal cars, Malaysian made car is way too easy 😈

  8. I have no idea that criminal mind tv exist. I guess that’s what you get for not watching tv.

    Anyway the manuscript dah ilang pon. So what’s the point of changing name? 😯

  9. LOL! 😆 that’s the prelude to Ocean’s One I think, the Pajero thing. I’ve really never heard of people attempting to tow away ATM machines from banks elsewhere except for in Malaysia… how absurd.

    Oh and I read on the papers a week ago about a jewelery shop in Penang, which is less than 50m away from a police station, got robbed and cleaned inside out within 3 minutes. Now I really must praise the efficiency of the robbers… if the police can do half as good, I’ll be content 😈

    teddY’s last blog post..Kickass Firefox!

  10. so, bila nak bagi i baca your novel ni (???) 😛

    p.s : desperate for food and shelter (??) alaa.. cian. meh sini meh, umah i ada kosong ni.. 😀

    AyUmi’s last blog post..:: 2 cold days and a sorethroat ::

  11. ada dude.. go read at wikipedia.

  12. ed, the novelist? must be kidding me right??

    just kidding… nak baca kalau dah siap ok?

    mlle linie’s last blog post..Petronas Oh Petronas

  13. I’ll take the above story as a good prologue for Criminal Minds. haha..just keep the original’s title.Maybe a lil observation on street kids should help.eheh 🙂

  14. bape sewa? singgit setengah sebulan ok la. 🙄

  15. I stopped writing it. No point in re-doing the same thing.

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