Helo Si Comel yg Panas

Adriana Batrisyia

Alololo kenape monyok sgt ni? *My super cute niece 🙂 *

The temperature was a staggering 34°C. No one was comfortable with the surge of heat eloping us. Should we blame of global warming? But I read it’s a myth. Feel free to read about it here.

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10 thoughts on “Helo Si Comel yg Panas”

  1. When I carry her around in the mall while checking out chicks, they’ll give an impression, “Eleh, dah ade anak lagi mau usha orang”. Hahaha. What to do bro..

  2. I read in Daily Mail UK (my favorite trashy online tabloid) that one of the scientists who collects the data for this global warming, messed up with the data. All of the numbers and figures he collected over the years across the globe scattered on his table, and he lost track and he admitted that the hockey stick graph is a big fat ass bluff.

    I don’t know. It may, and it may not be true 🙂

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