Hari Raya Rape

It’s the month of attending open houses and seeking forgiveness from friends and families, but that does not refrain anyone to commit adultery.

GEMAS: A 22-year-old man was detained by police on Saturday for allegedly raping his 14-year-old girlfriend at his house in Felda Jelai the previous night. e-media.

Come on dude, the girl barely grew tits and still far from exploring her sexuality. What has got into you? If you’re horny, just masturbate, like other teens.

If I were a head honcho of gang, I’m sure to shoot my underlings for this inhuman act. Just like Botak Chin, who killed his subordinates for raping.

It’s time to bring the Islamic law to centerstage. Under this law, the rapist will be stoned to death (I think). It’d make a good example to other ill intentioned felon.

Poor girl. She’ll be traumatize by this incident for the rest of her life.

ps: Let’s turn Malaysia into a real Islamic country!

pss: Should Felda be blame for this too? (under Najib’s portfolio)

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