Hari Ini Tidak Cuti

I woke up late today no thanks to an all night conversation I shared with a certain someone, the general term is called,Bergayut. With whom, I don’t need to disclose.

It’s 9 30 am and I was barely awake and eyes semi-opened. Everyone was at home. It’s a holiday for Wilayah Persekutuan. A colleague of mine called.

“Hey bro, are you coming to meeting at 10?” he asked.

“Dey thambi, today is holiday lah” my mouth reeked the smell of a morning breath. It wasn’t nice and I was still yawning & stretching.

“It’s only KL lah bro, do come to the meeting and don’t be late. We have a new CPE (Commitment Plan & Evaluation) for 2010. You must arrive at 10.” he hung up.

*Shit!* Tak cuti! Tidakkkkk.. I showered and got ready as quickly as I could. It’s been a while since I pushed Jenny to 170kmh. It does feel good when no one is on the highway. A normal 45 mins daily affair became a 15 minutes ride.

10:05 am, I reached office.

Jom meeting bro,” I rang my peer’s extension.

“Bro, boss is on leave lah. So meeting cancelled,” he replied calmly.

Siaaallll.. I just wasted 12.5 liters of petrol for nothing. Anyway, it’s good to be in office. Even when they don’t really need me (I’ve met my KPI [Key Performance Index] by 400% last month). I am one darn efficient machine. Deep down I know, I was born for this job. I hope I don’t get bored before my time is up.

ps: Golf is the only thing I think of nowadays. I guess it’s true what they say, “Golf is like a drug, you’ll want more.”

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