Hari Ini Tidak Cuti

I woke up late today no thanks to an all night conversation I shared with a certain someone, the general term is called,Bergayut. With whom, I don’t need to disclose.

It’s 9 30 am and I was barely awake and eyes semi-opened. Everyone was at home. It’s a holiday for Wilayah Persekutuan. A colleague of mine called.

“Hey bro, are you coming to meeting at 10?” he asked.

“Dey thambi, today is holiday lah” my mouth reeked the smell of a morning breath. It wasn’t nice and I was still yawning & stretching.

“It’s only KL lah bro, do come to the meeting and don’t be late. We have a new CPE (Commitment Plan & Evaluation) for 2010. You must arrive at 10.” he hung up.

*Shit!* Tak cuti! Tidakkkkk.. I showered and got ready as quickly as I could. It’s been a while since I pushed Jenny to 170kmh. It does feel good when no one is on the highway. A normal 45 mins daily affair became a 15 minutes ride.

10:05 am, I reached office.

Jom meeting bro,” I rang my peer’s extension.

“Bro, boss is on leave lah. So meeting cancelled,” he replied calmly.

Siaaallll.. I just wasted 12.5 liters of petrol for nothing. Anyway, it’s good to be in office. Even when they don’t really need me (I’ve met my KPI [Key Performance Index] by 400% last month). I am one darn efficient machine. Deep down I know, I was born for this job. I hope I don’t get bored before my time is up.

ps: Golf is the only thing I think of nowadays. I guess it’s true what they say, “Golf is like a drug, you’ll want more.”


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  1. tak faham men with golf. my lecturer pun lorat nk habiskan evening lecture, katanya he’s kinda late for a golf date with his friends kat danau ukm. hurm…

    i don’t see the fun standing in hot blazing sun in broad daylight.

  2. ala bro .. ko gayut ngan aku pon xyh la nk saving2x .. tulis je .. aku x kesah pon


  3. bro, i just got my set. bile nak g kde range lagi sound ah, nk join!

  4. KDE? Aku tak pukul kt situ, tak best main air. Aku pukul kt Setapak selalu. RM 12 for 100 balls. I don’t know the price kt KDE. Last I went there, I was 12.

  5. Lagi satu, bubuh la email ko. Bukan org lain bole tgk pon. Kot2 aku reply ko, terus masuk mail ko.

  6. That was what exactly in my mind last time, looking at those old folks with glasses, clubs and silly looking shoes.

    So I tried, for the sake of to feel how golf’s like.

    Sekarang, sudah ketagih. Hehe.

  7. you’ve wasted 12.5 litre, and gain a maybe-rm300 summon if you’re unlucky.. haha!.. if my car can go that fast, sure dah terbang. install sayap, here we goooo~!!!

  8. GOLF
    golongan orang lupa family

  9. adeh, jenis-jenis pedajal macam tu yang aku tak berkenan. rasanya time aku keje dulu selalu kena camtu dengan klien.

    yang pasti mereka hanya mementingkan diri sendiri (hu3).

    GOLF? dah lama tak test drive (he3)

  10. Mane ade family pon. So takpe.

  11. Rarely police are there. So need not worry 😉

  12. Amcam bro? dah sehat skit ke blom?

  13. alhamdulillah, adalah sikit perubahan. tapi aku tak nak ‘sihat sikit’, aku nak ‘sihat banyak’ (ha3).

    insya allah, aku sedang berusaha.

  14. Sebelum ni bace jerk..x reply pape pun…tp suke dgn blog ni…banyak tol knowledge…

    boleh tukar2 link ngan pelise?!

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