Harga Barangan Malaysia Terendah?

With the recent 4-in-1 hike government recently introduced which consists of sugar, diesel, LPG and RON95, Rakyat‘s life has become nothing but short of difficult. They came with a justification hoping to fool us all, how unfortunate they found me.

They claimed RON95 is RM4.36 per liter in Singapore and the exchange rate is RM2.4 per Singapore Dollar. Which gives us SG 1.81 per liter of RON95.

Let’s not forget the value is the same for Malaysia and Singapore. Example, an Engineer in Malaysia earns RM2.5k per month, in Singapore SG2.5k. Although it’s slightly a few cents cheaper, heck, enough to clear the claim of “cheapest”.

That coming from PEMANDU which is lead by ‘smart’ people with a total operating cost of over RM60 million for 2010, is kinda shameful.

They also compared us with Thailand and Indonesia, which I find it quite idiotic, kata nak jadi negara maju, kenape compare dengan negara tak maju? Bodoh sial.

On top of that, our Ringgit has finally strengthened compared to dollar (currency for trading the black gold) and yet, we are at the losing end. Not to forget the increase of subsidies for power companies (IPP), which should’ve been given to Rakyat. I feel that our subsidies are channeled wrongly.

Now where the hell is100 liter cap per month per Rakyat ?

ps: You can’t fool us forever.

pps: Original article from MalaysiaKini


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  1. aiyarkkkk i did not realise that RON 95 also increase? hmm they increase RON97 and now they increase the RON95 too. OMG…..what will they do next?

  2. aku masih tertunggu long term planning utk integrated public transportation system, yg dengar cerita dapat dilaksanakan selepas kenaikan harga minyak dulu. rasanya mcm banyak penjimatan, dan penjimatan tu akan disalurkan untuk penambahbaikan pengangkutan awam. emmmm

  3. rilek ah, k’jaan nak ‘alih’ subsidi tu untuk bantu miskin tegar dan ‘upgrade’ pendidikan. bukan untuk taja pru13 tau. ingat tu. jangan bersangka buruk. marah bik mana nanti.

  4. Haha dream on. Public transport pon tak laku sgt, especially rapidkl.

  5. hmm… subsidi IPP byk woo.. setahun dapat bagi makan miskin tegar

  6. I’ll stick to RON97. Power-money ratio is better. but it is bloody expensive.

  7. trying to comment something, but found myself clueless. serabut gile malaysia nih. haha.

  8. LOL high five dude. haha

  9. You gotta start somewhere. First, public transportation..

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