Happy Deepavali Blunder

Few weeks ago was Deepavali, Festival of Light they call it. On that day, I had a few open houses to attend. Don’t get me wrong, I hate attending one. But who’s going to finish all the food if I don’t gobble some?

Becareful Deepavali

After the first few houses, I needed my daily dose of canned milk coffee, either Boss or Pokka, both would rejuvenate me. I stopped by a news stand. As usual, I’d flip a few pages of magazine with no intention of buying one.

Pardon my super sharp ears and my uber awesome eavesdropping technique, I overheard the shopkeeper telling his son to study, in Tamil. Though I do not have babelfish with me at all time, I could comprehend his frustration when he mentioned a few SPM subjects.

It’d be awkward for me to stay in a one sided gun fight, so I prompted for the owner.

His face was red and sometimes green. Could it be a mixture of horrid and disgust? I have no idea. I’m no doctor, but I sure hope to marry one.

Mrs Shoup (my kindergarten teacher) told me to greet, as and when necessary. Well, today is compulsory. I wanted to remind him it’s a festive day, don’t go ruining the spirit.

Happy Deepavali!“, I blurted out loud.

He glared at me furiously. His face, then red and green, turned to blue, burning passionately like the Bunsen burner (penunu Bunsen). He is mad at me. I left without my change.

On the way to my car, I gave the shop another look, so I’d remember and draw my boundary, not to set my foot ever.

The shop’s name, “Kedai Harun“.

Crap! The owner is a mamak. No wonder he gave me that creepy look.

That’s the price of ignorance. (but hey, not every mamak speaks tamil ok!)

ps: Somehow after the incident, I laughed out loud in my car. It was good enough to be a scene in “Dude! Where’s My Car!

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  1. ko amik sendiri ke gambar tu eh ?
    cun siot ! :up:

  2. menci uh tak baca betul2 tadi!
    tapi nk komen gak!

  3. sengal la ko…but i had a good laugh too though…tak jadi outing ini malam..aku xpegi kije….muahahahhahha 😀

  4. aku rase tak ramai paham lawak ni. hahahah

  5. biar benar…aku rasa penyampaian ko dh cukup simple dah !

  6. kelakar giler.. eh… ko sure ke dia cakap tamil??? huhuhuhu…

  7. ehehehehe both u & the shopkeeper got pawned!

    btw, love the new button!!

  8. haha..lawak gile.. 😀
    kalo aku jadik mamak 2,aku hangin…
    nasib baik ko kuar dr kedai 2 cepat,kalo x ada kene sekeh.. 🙄

  9. wakakaka dah la dia tgh bengang, ko tambah plak lg kebengangan dia tuh~

    tp slalu mamak2 ilex je klo wish camtu, tak ke?
    timing tak kena je~

  10. sometimes misintepretation overwrites your goodwill,bro..
    the timing’s one thing,though.
    put those aside, a good laugh to start my morning.priceless!
    maybe,just maybe, that father-son conversation didn’t occur, the owner might be kindly pointing you to his shop sign after you wished him so.
    godspeed :halo:

  11. agak kurang ajar (bak kata nabil) wahaha. kira kau dah jadi hero tamil maam … (alahai sape eh aku lupa nama dia) huhu

  12. I bet he was staring blankly at you, not knowing how to respond, to be offensive, to get the record straight, or to just ignore the whole scene and play along. Haha.

    I feel you, dude. No, not you NH, the mamak owner. 🙄

  13. I thought they normally speaks Tamil. What language does they normally speak actually? Urdu?

    Ps: I just can’t differentiate between both languages. 🙁

  14. lol… mesti bengang giler pakcik kedai tu…

    kat penang banyak laa yang cam ni… x bleh nak differentiate dia celebrate deepavali ke hari raya… ❗

  15. a good morning laugh. let’s say the moral of the day is to take a good look at the shop before entering it.

    if that mamak owner has a blog, he might write something like this and give some credit to you for your good intentions. or.. maybe not. 🙂

  16. yg lame too jalang or bitchy for me.

  17. ko bukan mamak ke? hahaha. salah die la, sape suruh cakap tamil?

  18. picture this dude, if a chinese-look malay was greeted gong xi fa chai, is he usually insulted or blur? It’s the latter.

    Some how diff case for mamak.

  19. hahha, siot! no wonder he went nuts

  20. I have no idea what’s their mother tongue. My uncle speaks urdu, he’s a pure pakistani.

  21. Alaaaaaa… the least he could do is smile at me. Or maybe I’m just way out of line

  22. Aku takut die balik kulit kelape je kt aku

  23. Mamak is neither Pakistani nor Hindi, they’re Indian. Am I right? If it’s right, that means they speaks Tamil laa.

    Ps: NVM, don’t bother wasting too much time on this. 😛

  24. hoho…kalo ko wish kat aku gak hepi deepavali, siap ko NH…haha…

  25. Jgn risau, aku wish Mael dulu sebelum ko. hehehe

  26. huhu.. dah letak dah button yang baru.. few minutes before you fire it up here. hehe. and, the bugs has been removed! yea! it even IE6 compatible now (should be). 🙂

  27. err.. I build it on NH, how can you use it before it was ready? hahah..

    Great theme, really great. You appear simple, yet complicated. That’s what I thought when I first saw your theme.

  28. hehe.. it is the thing i thought about the theme. it was supposed to be simple, yet, quite complicated. hehe.

    i was reading your blog, then i saw the button has changed. i did up your page source code. luckily, the address was embed in JavaScript, so, i compare mine with yours, and the ‘evb’ was different. so, i copied yours, and wal-la-weh. i got it too!

  29. cis!! sememangnya aku bukan mamak.. 😛

    betul ke yang dia ckp bahasa tamil?
    sb bahasa urdu pun dgr mcm bunyi tamil gak..
    betul x??
    sb seingat aku, ada member aku mamak berckp bhs urdu tapi bunyi ada skit mcm tamil..

  30. ish… dalam lawak nie… 😀 😀 😀

  31. Once, I opened my account at this one bank, when I passed my IC to the lady officer, she asked me. “Eh you bukan Melayu ke? Ingatkan Melayu”.

    Er.. ada button bulat tak for the Negaraku? 😛

  32. ko cakap melayu fluent sangat la bong. If people dont know your real name, mesti igt your nick is just something out of the blue.

  33. Comment to your Pss:

    Pssst, I’ve tweaked some codes in Negaraku! plugin, so that you’ll be able to upgrade it automatically.

    Cayalah bro!

  34. Apsal cayalah aku plak, cayalah ImamKhalid lah! So, can I test the plugin?

  35. Sure, I suppose you’ll see a plugin upgrade notification in your admin panel, like any other plugin upgrade. It should be there, I’ve tested it on my blog like this:

    First, I deactivate the new plugin. Then I delete it away, and installed the old v1.0.0. During activation, I saw an upgrade notification. It’s as simple as that, bro.

    Ps: “Cayalah bro” – sebab mulakan plugin ni. Kalo ko tak start, aku pun takkan terpikir nak buat macam ni…

    Pss: Ker ko dah guna versi yang aku email baru ni? Kalo ko dah guna, memang dia tak notify dah, sebab aku tak naikkan version tag dia..

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