Hair Cut Day!

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credit to addix
It doesn’t matter where I got my hair cut or how much I paid for it, I always ended up rectifying it when I get back home. Today was no different.

My head and face shape is always lenient towards crew cut. Gay gut, spiky cut, pengkid cut, emo cut, short cut, raya card, birthday card, I’ll always revert back to the basic 4-2-1 cut, much easier to maintain and style it afterwards.

I got my hair cut done at the place where I usually did in my yesteryears (12 and below). The fat and friendly barbers and the usual mulut-tada-insurance political talks.

Fat Barber: Long time no see.
NoktahHitam: Yeah, it’s been 13 years.
Fat Barber: Has it been that long? I should’ve retired. What are you doing now?

I explained to him my transition in life, from an engineering student to a web developer.

Fat Barber: How much are you making nowadays?
NoktahHitam: Enough for my tummy I guess.

I slipped out an RM50 note, and the Fat Barber insisted I keep my money.

NoktahHitam: That wasn’t uncalled for!
Fat Barber: It’s nice seeing you around.

I shook his hand and waived my good bye. As I was about to retract my last foot out of the shop, the Fat Barber said, ‘I have a daughter, would you…’

Thank fully it was an air conditioned room, air tight and sound proofed. I pretended I never heard a thing and walked off.

ps: I know that’s rude. Irregardless a female doctor throws herself at me nor a nude striper. But I’m always up for a good company and the flirtatious game. No feelings involved ➑

pss: I think I’m just confused, between reality and fantasy. Between needs and desire. Between love and lust πŸ™„

psss: Arrghhh… I don’t know! πŸ˜•

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