Gossip Girl?

I spent the long weekend visiting grandma in Penang. She isn’t exactly bed ridden, the doctors wanted to keep her there.

As much as I like being on the look out (for doctors), I hate hospitals. They’re filled with sick people and palliatives, which got me thinking, how hard it must be for them. In many cases, patient have to fork out tonnes of money, although they know, they’re not getting any better. Yeah, health is one crooked service industry. Which explains why I didn’t stroll along the hall or explore new blocks and spent the entire time in grandma’s room.

On other note, I finally got a hold of Gossip Girl season 1 from Batu Ferringgi. Honestly, I don’t do drama, nor do I dig it’s hot casts. It’s pretty similar to the OC’s except in New York.

My taste of tv series revolves around witty and fast-paced conversation. It also needs to be a little warm or at least a moral I can conclude at the end of story.

Gossip girl is for ‘blonde’. Its slow progression, self centered characters, posh lives and popularity deprived, made me wonder why I watched it in the first place or why it got 8 stars on IMDB.

But I finished watching anyway ❓

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