Goodbye IE 6, 6 Reasons It Must Die

I’ve been a web designer + developer for the last 2 years. One of the common nuisance to deal with, is Internet Explorer 6.


In a nutshell, IE 6 is the classic case of “telan mati mak, luah mati bapak” [1. Walking on thin line]”. Here’s 6 reasons why to ditch the old school browser.

Lack of Transperency PNG support


I love PNG. Though sometimes it’s larger than JPG or GIF images, it usually is crispier and “kacak [2. Handsome]. On IE6, it’ll turn into a fugly greyish area. Of course there are hacks, but it’s an additional path that I no longer want to follow.

CSS Float + Margin / Padding Issues

Internet Explorer 6 adds double the amount of margin or padding on DIVs that are floated the same direction as the margin/padding. For non techies, think of margin as your cloth, padding as your skin, underneath both is your content. There are hacks for this, again, it’s troublesome.

No Min-Height CSS Support

Usually to display a proper background, I resort to min-height CSS. It creates a height big enough to fit a background image. IE 6 doesn’t support this.

Often Crash

With very little code, the browser could crumble leaving us to despair.

IE 6 Trailing Behind


With newer and better Internet Explorer (no way it’s better than alternative browsers), IE 6 falls handsomely behind. I’m glad my prayers were heard. (source)

Microsoft Team Pushing IE 8

The Internet Explore marketing team are aggressively pushing IE 8 into the browser war. They know themselves, IE 6 is no longer fit for modern web. Goodbye IE 6.

#8 on Top 25 Worst Tech (additional point)

From PCW, IE6 (2001) is number 8. Good enough to kick it out the door.


Personally, IE 6 is similar to IE 5 or 5.5. Microsoft smeared on some lipsticks and slapped its’ ass out the door. Besides, there’s no reason for you to deny the fastest growing technology on Earth, the Internet. So, please, do yourselves a favor, upgrade your browser. Better yet, use Firefox, Opera or Safari.

Today is probably the happiest day of 2009! šŸ˜‰

ps: Template company on it’s way. Let’s hope I can complete by end of July. Name: Lite: Clean & Crispy Templates

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