Good Writer Alienates People

Over the past few years, I’ve made a new circle of friends, namely bloggers and twitter-ers. There’s Bongkersz, Aeropama, AzmanIshak, Kujie, Qiilans87, Icenyior, Kruel74, SembangKomputer, Tekong, Bat, Wfxyz and many more.

When I started blogging, I had one thing in mind; to make trivial things matter. Anything under my radar, I wrote. I stitched my ego and laced it with emotions. And I believe I’ve succeeded that.

But the more I write, the more I derailed from my original goal.

At some point it got too emotional, sometimes too geeky, often times, it doesn’t make any sense at all. I figured what the hell, I’m just doing this for fun. But later kinship got involved. What IF my kids read my blog? Wouldn’t it be awkward? Ok maybe that’s a little far off, but the possibility is still there.

Some even noted that I might find my wife amongst my reader. If kids were far off, this is wishful thinking.

Then I got involved, physically. I interact with people. Everyone knows who’s behind NH.¬†This is where I got dull.

I lost my freedom to write about people. The more audience I gained, the lesser things I can write. Eventually it comes to a point where I am being cautious about what is written here. It got even worst when someone texted me, “Did you write about me?” or “Dude, if you’re mad at me, talk to me-lah, don’t go public”.

I became reserved, so are the people around me. That indirectly narrows down my exceptional ability to exaggerate on matters. I am now known as the bluntest knife in the kitchen.

When topics go down to zero, I turned to books, hoping to re-ignite my dying wicked thoughts. Unfortunately, it got worst when I knew I know nothing.

So the lesson learn here is, less is more.

I can no longer bitch about people. No longer walk all over them. No longer write the way I used to, unless, I change my game plan. But that wouldn’t be NH anymore would it?

ps: Remember, NH is just an alter ego.

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