Good Company Makes Time Fly

Like the usual, Friday night is about taking your time off the real world. It was a last minute thing, I managed to get a hold of Bongkersz and Aeropama for a teh tarik session.

I know you might think this is another geek hangouts, oh my, how so wrong of you. Our conversation was deep, cynical and anything for the betterment of the nation. The highly debatable topic was English as medium for Science and Math. Ok, you can say it’s rather geeky.

I’m not going to explore the details here, I may misquote what they said. So let’s just wait for them to publish (if any).

We got together half past 10pm. Talked and talked, teh tarik satu, talked again, it was endless. I flipped my watch and saw, 4am! Good lord, time sure flies these days.

Of course if it was my MCKK friends, 6 hours of teh tarik is too routine, easily achievable. Among the 3 of us, we’re just acquainted, but we do make a great company. Short of one another will definitely shy topics away.

My stand, English should be abolished from the education system. English is only for English subject. I will write this in greater depth. For now, let’s laze around and enjoy the weekend   👿

ps: Badminton night! Horray! Off to rugby practise first.

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