Golf or Baseball?

When I was living in the United States (9 years old), my dad often brought us to the driving range. Since dad liked the game so much, he bought a junior set for us brothers to share.


As time goes by, we landed back in Malaysia, the hobby fades away. I seriously think it’s a dumb game. To me, it’s like playing fetch with a dog, except we use golf balls and the one that needs to do the fetching, is us. But dad earnestly continued playing. I bet it’s the business network he’s after. ..and I’m still searching the thrill of playing golf.

Occasionally, I do shoot some balls once every full moon. Releasing this bottled up feelings within, more like venting my anger in every drive.

“So, how did it go?”, dad asked as I entered the living room.

“I got a few blisters on my hand, but I’ll manage”, I replied.

“Distance?”, he asked again.

“Not far.” keeping my ego down.

“In yards?”, he likes technical details, just like this son of his.

“75% *home run…”

“Since when golf is baseball?” in disbelief he asked. I later explained to dad how my drive swerved to the right and went over the fence, like a home run. Roughly about 180-200 yards (not that far really).

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A few friends did invite me to join them in tackling real golf courses, but I’m a shy guy, plus, I still think golf is a game of fetch. (It should be played with dogs, not human.)

ps: But I do love the sound ‘ting’ everytime the club hits the ball.

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16 thoughts on “Golf or Baseball?”

  1. Memula kalau pukul tak ‘sedap’, bola pergi dekat-dekat je. Bile dah biase, dapat pukul 200 ke atas, baru rase seronok plak. Time tu dah blaja camne nak tembak dgn lebih tepat. Lebih kurang bowling la kot.

  2. lebih kurang bowling atau lebih kurang skru bola rugby he3.

    rasa macam seronok pula atas apa yang ko gambarkan, kena cuba ni 😉

  3. jom la buat futsal blogger..kate dah fade away minat antara sukan yang aku tak pernah try..pada aku..aku suka bermain bola sepak di atas padang golf..hahaha

  4. aku bekas caddy tp sekarang dah jarang main

    ps : pernah ajar boss2 dan tokey kaya yang bengap main golf. Nampak macam pandai pegang kayu pun salah bila kita tunjuk ajar dia kata kita yan bodoh cis!!

  5. Tak penah de pegang kayu golf..
    Orang kampung cam aku, main konda kondi ngan gasing tau le.. Tu pun kaki bangku.. Asyik kalah je

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