Girls, Don’t Lose Weight!

Am I fat?” has always been one of the toughest question to answer, and it doesn’t pay if you answer them honestly. They’ll be self loathing and what follows next is the “I need to diet” exclamation.

In writing this post, I hope to convince the Eve party not to diet (unless obese).

Whoever give you the impression Kiera Knightley is hot? Well, neck up, she is, anything below is a walking match stick. Let’s put Scarlett Johansson into equation. I’m dead sure boys would drool over her more than Kiera.

Ok, that seems rather sexual.

Truth is, boys would prefer someone who’s normal or slightly above, BMI 23 to 26. Enough talk, let’s put this into vote.

*Only Guys can vote. Girls and Gays, stay away*

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