Ghost Sightings: Hantu Car Park

When I tell people I could see things, extraordinary ones, they think I’m lying. Telling me I’m a fraud, bla bla … but I never took these things to heart.

Dont Look Back

Anyway, here’s something I got from my uncle, ghost sightings, captured on camera. Being the curious sapien I am, I zoomed as close as possible to see whether this is photoshop-ed. Still remains unanswered.

The original picture is big, 300kb, at least twice my screen size.

Dont Look Back

Here’s the close up. I’m still wondering why it’s a Caucasian and not Asian.

If I were to ask, which of the following would you be afraid of most

  • Some punks acting no good
  • Problematic teens doing drugs in car park
  • Rapist on the loose
  • Car jacker
  • Harmless ghost

Oh well, just another manic Friday.

ps: Deadline eddie, deadline!

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