Gemuk Lepas Kahwin

Few weeks before I got married, a lot of people have warned me that I’ll gain weight once I put the ring on and… I did.

I don’t normally respond to these comments very well when they first told me. I’d just brush them off my shoulder denying such things would be true. I bet they’re lining up now to tell me, “I told you so!”

Before wedding, my weight was about 70-71kg, now hovering 74-75kg. How is that in size? Imagine a brick of butter, that’s only 250 g. So if I gained 4 kilos, that’d be like 8 bricks of fatty butter dangling on my body like packs of C4s. And that’s within a month.

There are many factors I believe contributing to these excessive fat.

1. Change of routine. I normally sleep for 6 hours, now 8. I no longer take the stairs (home) as frequent as I used to. Maybe because I’m shy, and I certainly do not want to go downstairs wearing shorts.

2. Change of diet. I don’t take breakfast, now I do. I have lunch at office like usual. I do dinner at 8-9pm, now 6-7pm. I snack a lot when in shopping malls. I still eat junk food like I normally do.

3. Exercise. I normally chase after my niece and nephews, now nothing to chase. I hit the golf driving range as often as I could, now only twice after I got married. I jogged once a week at least, now once a month.

4. Meals. This is the most sinful of all, home cook meals. The goal in my house is to finish everything, and normally it isn’t that much. But Ummi’s case, she cooks a lot and she enjoys it. So I tend to eat up as much as possible. Also because it’s delicious!

I’ve asked around for opinions, some say it’s because of sex. But I don’t think it’s true. I mean you’re burning calories, how can you gain weight at the same time? I don’t know. These are all theories, they’re not an accurate assumption.

Woman gain weight after marriage, men after divorce.

How true? Mat Salleh clearly have a different observation about weight gain. Also, husband gets the wife everything, for Malay, wife does everything even washing your feet (definitely not mine)!

I’m now watching my calories, trying hard not to exceed daily necessities. My father in law also got me a walk-o-meter to count my daily steps. Oh well, I have no one to blame other than myself. Now, let’s lose weight before my turn to change the entire garment.


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  1. You get “gemuk air”.Only married couples know it.

  2. eddie.. I think u should be happy la when u gained some kilos. It means AR pandai jaga suami la. Macam yam plak, org duk tegur nape dia makin kurus or xgemuk2? aku pulak yg rasa semacam. Aku xpandai jaga dia ke? huarghhh………….

  3. gemuk air as in bloated? water retentation? but that’s because of too much salt..

  4. “Now, let’s lose weight before my turn to change the entire garment.”

    hahahaha. How do u justify last night’s junk food :p :p

  5. samelah kite 😀

  6. It actually shows that you are getting older.

  7. congratz kawen ngan ecah! jaga dia baik2..

  8. That doesn’t really make sense. 1 month, gain 5kg. All the months before, I eat whatever I can eat, I barely gain 1kg.

    But if you’re talking about older=gemuk, well.. my grand dad is 80 years old and he’s super skinny. Old = slow metabolism rate, possible, but I rarely see obese warga tua.

  9. Ko sekeping takpe kasi isi skit

  10. Samanosuke, aku rase bini aku suke dipanggil Aisyah dari Ecah. Hoho

    InsyaAllah aku jaga amanat ini dengan baik. Mudah-mudahan dapat keberkatan dan rahmat dariNya

  11. hoho..tahniah. Kahwin dah akhirnya..kalau gemuk..biasalah tuu..

  12. Biasa lah lepas kahwin naik sket berat badan… kenapa? aku pun serius tak tahu… tapi yang pasti it has something to do with that home-cooked meal…

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