Gelak Sampai Hingus Terkeluar

It was already dark, my tummy was growling and so was hers’. We didn’t want to have a big dinner. Something small would suffice, alas perut orang melayu kata. So we settled for Uncle Lim’s at Subang Parade.

While sharing a bowl of pepper-rich (courtesy of yours truly) kueh teow soup, she decided to talk about fashion (I like it with added pepper!, the kueh teow soup of course). I barely understand what she’s talking about, alas, I paid attention knowing that’s her favorite pass time or obsession.

We came about a topic of hijab and I asked, “how come I never see you wear tudung bawal? ” “I do! Maybe you don’t notice it. Wait, do you even know the difference?”, she asked, intrinsically trying to explore me .

“You’re right. I have no idea which is which. All I know is, you’re wearing a tudung“.

“See, I told you so”.

“But I would notice if you’re wearing tudung saji“. We burst into laughters.

“Besides tudung saji, bawal, lilit what else do you know?” she asked while wiping her runny nose (it must have been the extra pepper I loaded).

Hmmmmmm.. this is gonna take sometime. As I quickly flash through my limited knowledge of hijabs  and tudung, she had her turn of the kueh teow soup.

“I know one more!” with a light-bulb face, I turned to her.

“What is it?” as she slipped another spoonful down her throat.

Tudung botol!

Muahahahaha! She burst into laughter and accidentally blew her nose! Luckily there’s was no blob to be found, on the table or in the soup. So no awkward moments intertwined between us.

The moral of the story, just pretend to understand even though you are utterly clueless and hope that she’ll jump topic as soon as possible. Preferably, talk about golf or dota 🙂

ps: I licked clean until the last drop of kueh teow soup. It was delicious!


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  1. mu ni, geli sungguh aku baca.

    “..blew her nose!..” diikuti dengan”.. licked clean until the last drop ..”

    /potong stim kueh teow soup sedap.

  2. Amboiiiii bukan main lg ko lick kueh tiow soup tu naaa?

    Awek aku kalau ckp pasal dota je, dia tarik muncung satu kilometer. aku taktau apasal 😛

  3. muhahahahah geli dowh!

  4. Hahaha tak jatuh pon dalam soup!

  5. Layannnn beb! Sedap babe, serious!

  6. Ko tak rase, ko tatau la sedap ke tak. Hahaha

  7. tak moh citer pasal soup ke pasal geli2 tu
    tapi dok bayangkan je….. dua org tu gelak

    bile dah jadi bapa esok2…. time anak2 tersumbat hidung….sedutlah dgn mulut sendiri! lebih afdal bapa yg buat..hehe

    ingat tips ni tau…

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